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Yellowcard Lyrics
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From the Album Lift A Sail (2014) (buy at
Lift A Sail

From the Album Southern Air (2012) (buy at

Surface Of The Sun
Always Summer
Here I Am Alive
Sleep In The Snow
A Vicious Kind
Rivertown Blues
Southern Air
Fix You (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes (2010) (buy at

The Sound Of You And Me
For You, And Your Denial
With You Around
Hang You Up
Life Of Leaving Home
Sing For Me
See Me Smiling
Be The Young
Promises (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Paper Walls (2007) (buy at

The Takedown
Shrink The World
Light Up The Sky
Shadows And Regrets
Five Becomes Four
Date Line (I Am Gone)
Dear Bobbie
You And Me And One Spotlight
Cut Me, Mick
Paper Walls

From the Album Lights And Sounds (2006) (buy at

Three Flights Up [Instrumental]
Lights And Sounds
Down On My Head
Sure Thing Falling
City Of Devils
Rough Landing, Holly
Two Weeks From Twenty
Waiting Game
Martin Sheen Or JFK
Space Travel
Words, Hands, Hearts
How I Go
Holly Wood Died
Three Flights Down (Japanese Bonus Track)

From the Album Ocean Avenue (2003) (buy at

Way Away
Ocean Avenue
Empty Apartment
Life Of A Salesman
Only One
Miles Apart
Twenty Three
View From Heaven
Inside Out
One Year, Six Months
Back Home

From the Album The Underdog [EP] (2002) (buy at

Finish Line

From the Album One For The Kids (2001) (buy at

Star Struck
Something Of Value
Big Apple Heartbreak
October Nights
Rock Star Land
For Pete's Sake
Rough Draft (Re-release Bonus Track)
[Untitled] (Hidden Track)

From the Album Still Standing [EP] (2000) (buy at
Still Standing [EP]
Rock Star Land
Millennium Changed
Radio Song Girl

From the Album Where We Stand (1999) (buy at

Lesson Learned
Time Will Tell
Up Hill Both Ways
Doesn't Matter
Anywhere But Here
On The Brink

From the Album Midget Tossing (1997) (buy at
Midget Tossing
Two Quarts
Up Hill Both Ways
Me First
For The Longest Time
Get Off The Couch
Interlewd [Instrumental]

Other Songs:
All Apologies
Bombers ("Paper Walls" B-Side)
Christmas Lights (from "Punk Goes...Christmas" compilation)
Don't You Forget About Me
Gifts And Curses
Hey Mike
Missing The War
Oh, My Love (Bonus Track from "Instant Karma" Compilation)
Today (from "Punk Goes 90's 2" compilation)
Violins (from "Rock Against Bush Vol. 2" Compilation)
When We're Old Men ("Lights And Sounds" B-Side)

Yellowcard Info:

Yellowcard is an American pop punk/alternative rock band formed in 1997 and based in Los Angeles since 2000. They in Jacksonville, Florida after meeting at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. -Wikipedia

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Pop punk, alternative rock, hardcore punk (early)

Years active:
(hiatus 2008–2010)

Associated acts:
Reeve Oliver, Craig's Brother, HeyMike!, Inspection 12, Big If

Name Origin:
They got their name from a phrase they used in high school. Whenever somebody did something stupid at a party, such as spill a beer on the carpet, they enforced soccer rules and gave them a 'yellow card' for committing a 'party foul'.

Ryan Key – Lead vocals and rhythm guitar

Sean Mackin – Violin and backing vocals

Ryan Mendez – Lead guitar and backing vocals

Josh Portman – Bass
(2012–present, touring 2007–2008)

Past Members:
Ben Dobson – Lead vocals

Todd Clary – Rhythm guitar

Warren Cooke – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Alex Lewis – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Ben Harper – Lead guitar

Peter Mosely – Bass guitar, piano, backing vocals
(2002–2003, 2004–2007)

Sean O'Donnell – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Longineu W. Parsons III – Drums

utilize violins which makes them unique in their respective genre

Yellowcard Awards:
MTV Music Awards - MTV2 Video, “Ocean Avenue”

Yellowcard Quotes:
Um. Definitely. Absolutely. You can get a lot out of the record but, um, I don't know if you get the full experience but you definitely get a new perspective. It's kinda hard for me to give you that perspective, but you'd have to ask a fan. [Laughs]

We wouldn't be where we are at now if it wasn't for file sharing. That is how kids found out about us. It's hard to have a negative view on it, obviously.

It was used as like a party thing. When we were at a party and someone spilled thier drink, we just said that they got a yellowcard. It basically was just thought of 5 days before one of our shows. (on naming the band)

Ben Fold's Five. They're from the states, a really, really big influence. There's a drummer, a piano player and then a bass player. It's just amazing music, it's great.

Good. It's really cool, because they asked us to do an original song. We just wrote it and it's a really focused kind of a song which added to the fact that you can just produce something like that on command. It turned out really, really good. It's a five minute long song. It's like a pretty up-to-date statement of what Yellowcard can write. It's kind of like, it shows our progression from the last record. (on spideman 2 soundtrack)

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