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Sobriety Sucks Lyrics
I don't know what the f*ck I did with my wallet, where'd it go?
Hey mate can I get it into the phone to call my people 'cuz I lost my phone too?
I don't think that's him, what you ask for?
One two three f*ck it up
One two three f*ck it up
One two three f*ck it up
One two three let's go

Eeey! I'm the life of the party
Eeey! Look what I just started
Eeey! How you doin', what's up?
Now everybody raise your cups and sing
Sobriety sucks, sobriety sucks
Sobriety sucks, sobriety sucks
Sobriety sucks, sobriety sucks
Man I never wanna grow up
Sobriety sucks

[Verse 1]
People think it so cool to see me drink all this Jack
Man I don't know what I started, sometimes I think it's so whack
They give me shot after shot after shot and shot after that
Want me to lose it, asked to be in front of people and rap
Okay it's all fun and games until I buckle and snap
I know you know who I am, you're a fan of these raps
But I'm not in the mood for you to ask for it autographed
Look at your hand and I laugh when you reach out for a dap
Because I'd rather be rude than cool, matter of fact
Man I'm just lookin' to fight, that's why some people get slapped
I don't mean to be mean, just seein' my inner demons
So be aware when I sluggish be muggin', drunked up and leanin'
Because you thinkin'


[Verse 2]
Someone go buy me some help, if I don't drink I can't sleep
Passed out in all of my clothes, my shoes are still on my feet
I go to bed around 2 and wake up a quarter passed 3
Go to the bathroom and throw back up everything that I eat
My body's so overworked I look in mirrors and weep
Feel like I'm 50 years old, look like I'm restin' in peace
I'm a ghost, I'm a zombie, my brain is grilled as salami
Just this achein', I'm shakin', I kinda feel like my mommy
Couldn't tell me to quit, 'cuz I don't listen to shit
'Cuz afternoon around 6, I twist the cap on the 5th
And that's just to keep from bendin' like I'm 'bout to be sick
From all this stress and anxiety of celebrity shit
I'm suicidal as f*ck, I'm dyin' slow in my cup
I hear this shit way too much; "Michael you've had enough”
My baby's tryin' to save me but I just scream and I cuss
I'm usin' her like a crutch, baby sobriety sucks

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