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Yelawolf Lyrics

Slumerican Shitizen Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I'm on the sidewalk with this f*ckin' skateboard and these dirty ass jeans
I'm the boy that stole a pack of Twinkies and a bottle that's green
I never gave a f*ck about environmental shit
Throw my empty bottle in the gutter
Rednecks four' wheelin' screaming "skate or die" dude
F*ck you motherf*cker (f*ck you motherf*cker)
I'm a car wreck in a swamp I drown victims slow with these words that I lay
Pigs on the corner got an eye for my kind cause we ignore laws everyday
What do you mean I'm white trash?
Grab my nuts and kick your poodle in the face
I'm sick to the soul with hate
Cause I'm the bitch that society raped
So what'a ya say?


[Verse 2:]
My body is covered in tattoos that are totally offensive
If I did it, I did it for life
No regrets, you know that I meant it
I ain't bothered by racist
My family is worldwide, ho come get it
I'll take you to the gutter like a cigarette butt in the rain
Let Shawty Fatt spit it (Yeah!)
You motherf*ckers are lost, get your maps out
And follow me into the creek water
I didn't forget where I came, just how to ignore my musical calling
That crack on the window on the Chevy's been there for over 7 months
Along with Jon Newport's beer bottle caps and the roaches of Will Power's blunts
So what'a ya say?


[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
People why shit is so wrong
Why they won't let all our soldiers come home
Why them boys who get caught with such small amounts of dope on the Ave do bids so long
They bids so long by the time they get to come home
Mamas is gone and babies is grown
And baby mama that was tight in that thong
Fat as a f*ck and her body all gone
Pay for it cash her ass is gone
She never worked so the stash is gone
Government rations she gets on
Year after year she get check after check
A gangster come home already in debt
The government say you owe $50k
For all the free lunches that yo baby ate
Do you go legit, and never have shit?
Or G' up and re-up and get you a brick? (yeah)
Get you a brick (yeah)


[Outro: Killer Mike]
See what you suckas don't understand is
This ain't even about race
This is about who got it and who ain't got it
So if I'm on the bottom and you on the bottom
We're the same color...
Dirty duckin' poor!
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