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Yelawolf Lyrics

Shit I've Seen Lyrics
Half of these muthaf*cking rappers don't know shit
ain't seen a gangsta ain't seen a brick
and then they wonder why when the OG's come around
Yelawolf get the respect I get
cause I never walked into another man's house
and tell em what I think about the way he lives
I done a little dirt of my own and I won't throw stones
so I get back what I give
reach for the two homeboy go ahead
you wanna be dead, homie be dead
who am I to be thinking that I won't pop a trunk
if you feeling like a punk from the he said she said
life's not a choice, it's a win or lose
so what's it gonna be, him or you
daddy lie on ya bed, is she lying to your head
well it depends on the truth, huh

See I'm realistic and everyday can't be terrific
I just seen one of my boys get ticked off
and put one of his hands his ?
lifted up in the air and somebody carry him
into the club I know they wanted to bury him
my crew is laughing, I was scared as f*ck and they thought it was hilarious
damn really, that's how y'all do it

The shit I've seen has changed me
what used to be strange to me,
just ain't strange to me no more
yeah, I done seen this shit before
its just another day, outside my door
outside my door
the shit I've seen the shit I've seen has changed me
what used to be strange to me,
just ain't strange to me no more

Yelawolf and Trae The Truth bitch hit the floor

its just another day, outside my door

[Trae The Truth]
I let you take a second to introduce you to pain
where everybody going through it and going insane
the inner struggle but they focused on making they change
anybody get it away and they making it rain
if it go to me and then I probably do the same
if I ever could I'll forever be repping the same game
rapping off thinking I promise I'll get the same thing
in the back of the Maybach somebody ?
getting brain like I was only here to learn something
when I'm done here trying to earn something?
one thing bout me I guarantee I'll probably return something
raise some drama then show up and try to burn something
I'll do my dirt and when I ? never pay it back
I'm dealing with it and never take it
the candy's back the city never ?
? take a nap
wanna hit the block ? dreaming to get away
Yelawolf go get the whip I go this
open the gate no way they could stop this
when I'm with us they can tell us about this
so pretty you can tell 'em it's not this


? I believe it's too hard
don't reach for the dogs who believe the facades
don't reach too far to compete with the dog
because deep in the heart they wanna ? this all
I wish I could be the one to say I warned ya
don't pay any attention
man I wanna ignore the haters
but I can't afford to leave them alone
they say Yelawolf ain't never been in the dark
and trailerparks and made their mark
I gotta make it hot cause I was given a pardon
I gotta play the role
serial killing rap, cause I had a serial code
in every city with a serial ?
when I rap, peer in my soul
I'm in the light like a deer in the road
clear in control, my spirit is old
I'm hearing the Gold I'm hearing the foes, hoes
and falls like a rock don't mean you hard like one
you want the credit for getting gutter forget it
you muthaf*ckers forgot the credit card and run
street credit won't put bullets in ya gun
but it might put a stray bullet in your son
daughters, uncles, aunts, friends and nusiance
become tangled up when it comes undone

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