Yelawolf - Rhyme Room (Episode 2) Lyrics

Yelawolf Lyrics

Rhyme Room (Episode 2) Lyrics
Yo, I had this dude come up to me on the street, talkin bou,
"Can I get down? How can I get down? Put me down, put me on, put me on"
Man, I felt like tellin' that mother f*cker,
"You can never get down, you'll NEVER be down, this is some shit you'll NEVER understand"

I'm not the one
That you'll be shootin for
I'm not the one
Who's coming back for more
You and I
Been through this too many times
You and I
See never clear, come to mind
Going round and round
Cuz you can't get on your feet
Going round and round
Still takin up all the heat
Going round and round
Never lookin down

[Verse 1]
Cigarette lit in a golden grill
Envelope blocked in a golden seal
Wait a minute buddy let me hold a beer
Then get behind a rollin' wheel
Put em in the 5 cuz they sold me hell
Now they can't get me back cuz they broke a deal
Told me green and sold me teal
And I'm outta place cuz I'm outer space with mind
Yeah I'm outta my crazy mind
Clean up the woods and make 'em taste the pine-
Saw, snap like dry pine-straw
Hold my nuts on ur bitch and make her play combed fine ball
Magnificient, dirty
Smack critics with a backpack of physics
Hip hop knee deep in a swamp
By make leaped? frogs "ribbit"
They talk alot but they don't 'rip-it'
Oh, that's that new shit, I get it
Well let me talk about shit I don't do
Let me reverse the vision
I got 10 mil-lion in the bank and I'm always in V-I-P
I got a bottle of - "Dom"
A bottle of "Don"
And a bottle of "Henn-esy"
F*ckin' liars got the audacity to say they want me pound for pound, but first you need a pound
Bitch, you keep on going..


[Verse 2]
Hold on to my bumper, and bare-foot skid across the road
Till you can't walk without gullet? pillows up under ur toes
A country trap pass to you is like a freak show
But, I've seen scales up close like an iguana through a peephole
F*ck wit it ya midget
u comin up very short
But, f*ckin wit cha head is just a vocabulary sport, see
My sword swings in the form of the lord's beat
I record this war scene to the ba? the dirt like a boar's feet, I
Chop and I drop on the beat with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
If you wanna run, motherf*ckin run
If you wanna come then you better not hesistant, cuz
"I'm not the one" - N'ah
See me in a magazine
You haters dream, creams peg a magazine and
That you'll be shootin for
Cuz I'm that crutch you suckas lean on
Ya think I'm goin to budge
Ya f*cked, just dream on, yah

Writer: Michael Atha, Michael Wayne Atha, William Booker Washington
Copyright: Lyrics © Bug Music, My Inheritance, Fellowship Of Ghet-o-vision, Songs Of Bug, Archibald Highwater
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