Yelawolf - Rhyme Room (Episode 1) Lyrics

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Rhyme Room (Episode 1) Lyrics
Can't tell you how hot it's been,
All I know is that I make eskimo's sweat when I grab a pen
When it's below 10 degree's
Act like I haven't blessed you,
Pretend, sneeze walk on the beat bent knee's
Lanlord still buggin, can I get the rent please
I told her I got the money in my jeans
Don't worry I spit sixteens like zip zeems,
(Hucktt pow)
I fossilise emcee's
T-Rex knock, I leave water in cups ripplin'
Sent you on vacation just to ask "are you trippin? "
She only became your teacher just to pass you
Tell your bitch she should keep her eyes closed
I'm a fireman, I put the water inside these hoes
Put her face in the canon, like alamo
Took a picture of her drinking whisky in designer clothes
I told her I would take her out for sushi rolls
But I fed her dog food, straight alpo
WHAT? Did I lie to her too much
Confide in her too much
She said I was riding with the bugs
My pride was hiding my love
But I believe I'm alive,
I'm alive,
You ain't live enough to f*ck with these poor pimp
And these hoes I'm allowed to f*ck
Could it be the way that I f*ck with a big dick
Switch the position
Let me bring it like Slick Rick
Watch, get on all fours baby
You know how we do it shorty
No I don't have a Mercedes
But I know how you like Bacardi
Hop up in the bucket seats
Let me make room for you
Walmart white panties let me move them for you
Alabama I'm a bring the f*cking truth home
So tell me Yela what would you like on your tombstone
You were looking for a fight to pick with me
So tell me what the views like sitting six feet deep!
Writer: Michael Atha, Michael Wayne Atha, William Booker Washington
Copyright: Lyrics © Bug Music, My Inheritance, Fellowship Of Ghet-o-vision, Songs Of Bug, Archibald Highwater
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