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Yelawolf Lyrics

Lemonade Freestyle Lyrics
Roll down the window in the Chevy and I listen to the critics but they really wasn't saying shit
Buddy, I'm a gutter motherf*cker from an Alabama creek, you don't know who you're playin' with
They talk so much that I bet one of these pebbles under me get laryngitis
The wave is so contagious, so who gave it? Apparently I did
Put fish in the back of my boat, I'm a fisherman, I'm a reel 'em in, mackerel
I'm a give 'em ten minutes, then put 'em back in the water there, just to see 'em all float
And kinda like mixtapes in the back of my trunk, buddy, yeah, I got 'em all sold
In Alabama with an arm and hammer, swimmin' in propaganda, I got 'em all, whoa
Promenade, country boy, get out of my way, gallon of sweet tea, a packet of lemonade
Smackin' a faggot, I crack a bat on the pen and page, no homo, anyway
Any stage, rip it any way, the independent way, look, have you seen his Js?
Footwork, send 'em in a rage, feelin' like a millionaire on minimum wage
Don't need a Mercedes to take your girl, my Chevy is sick, Earl
I love to play with my mullet, while she sip syrup
Hold up, Alabama funk make you lose your teeth like a Mountain Dew soda
Some saltines wanna live in the box, but guess what, I'm the cracker who showed up
And we could take it to Dakota, small towns, we can take it over
Yeah, ten million rocks, bet it up, we can make it a boulder
A shadow's hangin' over your shoulders, and we about to roll that over
And when the bitch come flyin' down the hill, you better burn wheels like somebody told ya
Keys, goin' to grab 'em, Shits Creek, don't leave the paddle
Get a poncho for the rain of battles, go Tonto, go get the saddle
'Cause I been on my travels since Adam bit the apple
Feelin' like I got the biggest dick in the world and I can't even fit a Magnum
(Lemon!) My mama smokin' weed like a chim-I-ney, call her Ma Marley
Like (Yeah mon!), yeah we got trees and a couple kegs if you wanna party
Right (Here mon!), pop a trunk, Papa Doc, we know you don't give a f*ck
You don't (Fear none), hardest man alive
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