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Hustle Lyrics
[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
Rolling with the top down, on peanut butter guts
Trolling, I'm about to climb
Load the gun, turn the base up, turn it up
Holding that Glock nine in case a hater run up
Callin, I'm the shit now, so your bitch on my nuts
I got my car smoking, but it ain't the motor
It's just me and that dodo
These [?] strolling, I stop and poke 'em
But I'm trying to get that dojo
Ridin' dirty, ain't no hobo
It's just me strapped up like a GoPro
And I one deep; Han Solo
Hoes trying to capture me like a photo, hustle
All I need is two cups of drank
With the system crank and a fifth of [?]
See me pulling pranks in my candy paint
Pull broads around me in crowds
Both tires when I hit the breaks
My hustle skills you can't debate
Money don't wait, I'll be stacking up bank
Till I'm dead and up in them clouds
Getting to the cake, man, f*ck your faith
Riding outta state with a Texas plate
Speakers in the back be like an eighth
415 rock up [?] skate
Crawl like a snake, boys gonna hate
But it's money to make, don't fall for the bait
Save the bullshit, I ain't gotta cape
All I got till I'm in the grave
Is a whole lot of hustle, hustle

[Hook: Yelawolf]
Pack it up and send it all away 9 to 5
I could do it all day, boy you know I gotta (hustle)
Broom and a mop, I clean 'em up from outer space
Gotta beam 'em up got an universal (hustle)
Had a premonition of me in the front seat of 2013
Boy, we gotta (hustle)
We gotta, we gotta (hustle)
You wanna go follow your dream then (hustle)

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Yeah, couldn't tell me not to believe
In the people that I was put in front of
And told that I had an opportunity to become a part of a situation
That put me in a position to maybe
Some day break out of a small town
I guess I fell for the okey doke
I suppose I couldn't turn around in the hokey poke game
To see lames and other folks
Who thought joke was being played on me
Oh, where the story goes again
Here we go again, I'll again frown while the motherf*ckers grin
I can hear the sound of the gate closing in
And I can feel the breeze of the hate blowing in
Cause they all wanna go sightseeing
Up in the Chevy and ride further in the wild
And they kinda wanna drive, even make a turn off a road
You ain't familiar with, enough to pay for the gas for a little bit then
Before you know it, you got a best friend
But when he started off he was just hitchhiking
Should have heard when he said wolf for real
If you're chill, you'll find another one just like him
But it's hard as a motherf*cker to say no
When you're a rookie talking to a veteran playing pro
And everything that he's saying
He's saying to pay him close attention
So you put your hand low
Palms, out, opened, hoping
And you can even see that engine smoking
Plus all the money that he gave you owe him
Rearview mirrors all of them broken
Black boys, white boys, just a token
For the slot machine, and the gambling notion
Scamming and scoping, the animal inside
The cannibal chose him, me
I fell for another man's hustle

[Hook: Yelawolf]
Writer: Michael Atha, Michael Wayne Atha, William Booker Washington
Copyright: Lyrics © Bug Music, My Inheritance, Fellowship Of Ghet-o-vision, Songs Of Bug, Archibald Highwater
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