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Father's Day Lyrics
[Spoken intro:]
I just thought it was appropriate to, uh
Just to give a shout out, or show my appreciation to all the fathers
Cause I hear a lot of rappers say or brag about not having kids but
Guess what? I do
So I'd like to send this record out to all the daddies
You know the real daddies, taking care of shit

[Verse 1:]
This one's for the skateboarders, emcees, b-boys like me
Street artists in magazines, DJs with babies
Working hard, you never sleep, never get to spend they time at home
Send that money but you never see him
Always working, daddy's gone
To the brick laying, dirt digging
Burger flipping in the f*ckin kitchen
Just to get that check on Friday
So you could bring back home what was missing
Everyday is feed my kids day
End of the month is rent day
And if you don't get back to work on time
They tax you for that month's break
For the d-boys holding weight
And for the daddies who are locked away
Doing time cause you was doing crime
But you was only tryna put down a plate
Maybe to get some baby J's
In the 80s, hey, that's how we raised
And to the men feeding a friend's child
When that friend has passed away
I've got to say

Yeah, to all my closest friends
And all the father figures in my life
You know I really, I just wanna say thank you
Yo, for real

Happy father's day
No matter how you getting paid
You hustle hard, you show the way
Happy father's day

[Verse 2:]
Tell my mama not to worry about me
Cause I ain't never had a second to forgive my dad
I can't help but to believe in myself
It's not really a choice but a matter of being a real dad
When I came to the world I knew I had a talent
But I never would imagine I would be a young dad
And I grew up like weed overnight, through the crack in the concrete
Look at me, young daddy
Tell me how to walk away from a child
And I'll tell you how to walk away from a million dad
If you can walk away from a million bucks then you never gave a f*ck
You a dumb f*ck, dad
To look up and see a man above you
To tell you that you ain't invisible, that's a muthaf*ckin' daddy
So why did he push you, and teach you how to fight
If you didn't fight, f*ckin right, that's a good dad
Gotta take a second now show love to the trailer park apartment hood dads
A man who ain't got a lot but in a minute he would drop it all
Do anything he could do daddy
Jesus, when I go to see every baby mama who never had a real dad
Don't take it out in the baby or maybe even the man when he's only tryna become
A real daddy

... cause it ain't easy
But it's a blessing man
Makes you work hard
To all the hard workers out there
I just wanna say

Happy father's day
No matter how you getting paid
You hustle hard, you show the way
Happy father's day
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