Yelawolf - Box Chevy Part 4 Lyrics

Yelawolf Lyrics

Box Chevy Part 4 Lyrics
[Verse 1: Yelawolf]
I just popped some pills,
And all I want to do is not to feel,
Like a f*cking ball on a soccer field,
'Cause everybody seems so not for real.
While this moon is up,
I want to ride around with you in the trunk.
I hope you don't mind I assumed you was,
'Cause I went and got a room for us.
So let's drink some drinks,
Until we get so drunk we can't wait,
To pull each other's clothes off and get naked,
And make the motherf*cking Chevy shake.

[Verse 2: Yelawolf]
Now I'm feeling fine,
In my 1979,
Trunk full of knock and the cup with the lime,
And I think that it's about that time.
So give me a shot.
I'm a take it up to the mountain top,
Or we could make it bounce in the parking lot,
Straight up in the police parking spot, f*ck the cops.
We can roll,
All over the city we can go,
Everywhere you want to creeping low,
Baby I just want to beat the show.
So f*ck that boom,
'Cause I got the Chevy engine tuned,
And I'll keep it running just for you,
While we illegally screw.
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