U.n.s. 5 - I Just Couldn't Wait Lyrics

U.n.s. 5 Lyrics

I Just Couldn't Wait Lyrics
You say you love me, Baby
I said I don't know - maybe...
You sent me straight to wonderland.
Do I care? Ooo, I care! (but) Baby - this is just not fair,
understand me
I am not ready - for this thing
If this i.s new, if it's too soon,
just take your time until your love comes through
All I can do, is wait for you,
I just couldn't wait to fall in love with you

They say they saw you musing,
Looks like I left confusion
You said your heart knew all the time
If it's true, that it's you, saying that you feel it too ...
Call me crazy
this all feels hazy suddenly
2 x Refrain
Just feel it coming, Baby,
just keep it going, maybe soon
we're in the same potential flow-(oh yeah).
In our minds
this takes time
to grow
just don't let go

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