Uk Mission - Bridges Burning Lyrics

Uk Mission Lyrics

Bridges Burning Lyrics
Snow blind, dog tired
slow grind, and barbed wired
last chant of the jungle trance
and the fast step of the monkey dance craze
war paint, misty days and dizzy faint
keeping the faith, spinning and turning
watch the flames
of bridges burning

Turning colors and shedding skin
shining bright through thick and thin
mirror of Gods, legend and myth
the fatal charm of the treasured
gift wrapped and heaven sent
sun trapped on islands of intent
avenging angel of the wild and yearning
stoke the flames
of bridges burning

It's burning me over
bridges burning

Burning, drives me wild
yearning for the snow child
blind men cry but shed no tears
see no evil but speak in tongues
and hearsay all lovers leap
'cos there's no other way across waters deep
fuel the fire and the fool is learning
to run from the flames
of bridges burning.

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