Uk Decay - Shattered Lyrics

Uk Decay Lyrics

Shattered Lyrics
Eyes steal your hold
In confidence control
Spine thrill glass filled
Glass full satanic filled
Dream flatter fear shatter

Our ouija ja JA ouija ha ha we

Push the glass - so bold
Fingertip control
Destiny seems so clear
Seance see no fear

Our ouija JA JA ouija ha ha oui

We're so happy in our future control
Unleash the fools so bold
Into the void fates fall
At the spirits call hearts turn cold
Lose control to a satanic hold

Our ouija JA JA ouija ha ha oui

Into dante's depths you're sold
Your soul medium so cold
The glass - once so clear
Now stands frosted fear

Hermes steer - your clairvoyant fear
Dream flatter ice shatter
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