Ugly Duckling Lyrics

Ugly Duckling Lyrics

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From the Album Audacity (2009) (buy at
I Won't Let It Die
The Takedown
Audacity - Parts One And Two
Falling Again
It's Gone
I Want To Believe
Einstein Do It (Night On Scratch Mountain)
The Lonely Ones
Pay Or Quit
Right Now
It Never Mattered
Oh Yeah

From the Album Bang For The Buck (2006) (buy at
Bang For The Buck
Bang For The Buck
The Breakdown
Left Behind
Einstein's On Stage
Let It Out
Lower The Boom
Andy Vs. Dizzy
Slow The Flow
Shoot Your Shot
The End Of Time
Bang For The Buck (Remix)

From the Album The Leftovers (2003) (buy at
The Leftovers
Get Ready
Something's Going Down Tonight
Almond Rocha
Ring The Bell
Turn It Up (Refried)
Elevator Music

From the Album Taste The Secret (2003) (buy at
Taste The Secret
Opening Act
Turn It Up
Dumb It Down
Abigail Silk
Energy Drink
The Drive-Thru
Mr. Tough Guy
Pass It On
La Revolución
The Confrontation
Rio De Janeiro
I Wanna Go Home
Goodnight, Now
Something's Going Down Tonight
Turn It Up (Refried)

From the Album Journey To Anywhere (2001) (buy at
Journey To Anywhere
I Did It Like This
Journey To Anywhere
Friday Night
A Little Samba
The Pike
If You Wanna Know
Eye On The Gold Chain
Pick Up Lines
Rock On Top
Down The Road
Lay It On Ya

From the Album Fresh Mode (1999) (buy at
Fresh Mode
Fresh Mode
Now Who's Laughin'
Get On This
Einstein's Takin' Off
Everybody C'mon
Do You Know What I'm Sayin'
Everything's Alright
We're Here

Other Songs:
Alligator Suflet
Another Samba
Bob Your Head
Do Your Thing

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