UGK Lyrics

UGK Lyrics

From the Album 4 Life (2009) (buy at
4 Life
Still On The Grind
Feelin' You
She Luv It
7th Street Interlude
Swishas & Erb
Texas Ave Interlude
Hard As Hell
Da Game Been Good To Me

From the Album Underground Kingz (2007) (buy at
Underground Kingz
Swishas And Dosha
International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)
Chrome Plated Woman
Life Is 2009
The Game Belongs To Me
Like That (Remix)
Underground Kingz
Grind Hard
Take Tha Hood Back
Quit Hatin' The South
Trill Niggas Don't Die
How Long Can It Last
Still Ridin' Dirty
Two Type Of Bitches
Real Women
Tell Me How Ya Feel
Shattered Dreams
Like That
Next Up
Living This Life
International Player's Anthem (I Choose You) (Remix)
Hit The Block
Top Drop Dyne

From the Album Side Hustles (2002) (buy at
Side Hustles
Pocket Full Of Stones (Remix)

From the Album Dirty Money (2001) (buy at
Dirty Money
Let Me See It
Choppin' Blades
Look At Me
Ain't That A Bitch (Ask Yourself)
Gold Grill
PA Nigga
Holdin' Na
Don't Say Shit
Dirty Money
Like A Pimp
Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion
Wood Wheel

From the Album Ridin' Dirty (1996) (buy at
Ridin' Dirty
One Day
Pinky Ring
Diamonds And Wood
3 In The Mornin'
F*ck My Car
Good Stuff
Ridin' Dirty

From the Album Super Tight... (1994) (buy at
Super Tight...
Feds In Town
Three Sixteens

From the Album Banned (1992) (buy at

From the Album Too Hard to Swallow (1992) (buy at
Too Hard to Swallow
Something Good (Extended Version)
Use Me Up
Pocket Full Of Stones
Short Texas
Cocaine In The Back Of The Ride
Cramping My Style
I'm So Bad
Trill Ass Nigga
976-Bun B
Something Good (Pimp C's Remix)

Other Songs:
Bump And Grill
Family Affair
Front, Back & Side To Side
Live Wires Connect
Playaz From The South
Take It Off

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