The Tonight Show Theme Song Lyrics

The Tonight Show Theme Lyrics

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Lyrics
(Johnny's Theme)


*[TV show used instrumental version, however lyrics exist for the song]*

Annette Funicello - It's Really Love Lyrics *

It's really love, dear
I knew it from the start
you came my way, dear
took away my heart
there's no defense, dear
nothing I can do
I know, I know
that's really love
I need your loving
to make my dream come true
only your loving
that's all I ask of you
so won't you tell me
that you are sincere
and kiss
my lips
to tell my heart it's really love
oh oh oh just like a baby
I cuddle in your arms
long for your kisses
and thrill to your charms
I'll be in heaven
to heaven so divine
I'll whisper "I love you"
and, then, I'll make you mine.

(* The Tonight Show theme song is a reworked version of Paul Anka's song "Toot Sweet". Annette Funicello recorded a version of it - retitled it again and called it "It's Really Love")
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