Earthworm Jim Theme Song Lyrics

Earthworm Jim Theme Lyrics

Earthworm Jim Lyrics
Earthworm Jim,
The Soil He Did Crawl
Earthworm Jim,
A Super Suit Did Fall.

Jim Was Just A Dirt Eating,
Chewing Length Of Worm, Flesh
But All That Came To A Crash
And Gave Him Lots Of Power

Earthworm Jim,
He's Such A Groovy Guy
Earthworm Jim,
He Rocket's Through The Sky

Cruising Through The Universe
Having Lot's Of Fun,
Here Comes Earthworm Jim You Know
That He's The Mighty One
Look Out!


Despite His Great Big Muscles
And His Really Big Ray Gun,
Jim Is Still An Earthworm
But Then He's The Only One,

With A Super Suit To Make Him Really Super Strong,
Jim Can Be A Winner If We Only Sing Along...

Earthworm Jim,
We Think He's Mighty Fine
Earthworm Jim,
A Hero For All Time


Earthworm, Jim
Hooray For Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim


[Thanks to mstumpf for correcting these lyrics]
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