Tyler The Creator - Tron Cat Lyrics

Tyler The Creator Lyrics

Tron Cat Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Satan's getting jealous of the wolves, demons say they preferring us
Books on not giving a f*ck, well they referring us (Wolf Gang)
Wolves I know you heard of us, we're murderers
And young enough to get the f*cking priest to come and flirt with us
You niggas rap about f*cking bitches and getting head
Instead I rap about f*cking bitches and getting heads
While you niggas stacking bread, I could stack a couple dead
Bodies, making red look less of a color more of a hobby
I'm not a rapper nor a rapist nor a racist
I f*ck bitches with no permission and tend to hate shit
And brag about the actions in a rhyming pattern matter
And proceed to sat her down when I go splatter in her chatterbox
Atta boy, Odd Future you're not in our category
Torture with the super soaker at the Asian liquor store
This the type of shit that make a Chris Brown wanna kick a whore
That make songs about the wet blot when it rains and pours (Umbrella)
I hate this, screaming f*ck patience
Got a nigga shaking like the calmest f*cking Haitians
After chronic masturbation, asking where Mary-Kate went
I wanna be the reasons why all lesbians hate dick
I make this damn Bullwinkle a red moose
Game of duck-duck-duck tape with a dead goose
She run around this motherf*cking dungeon, her legs loose
Until I accidentally get the saw to her head, oops

[Verse 2:]
Victim, victim, honey you're my fifth one
Honey on that taco when I stuff you in my system
Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome
You got a f*cking death wish, I'm a genie it'll get done
Nice to meet you but it's more pleasant to eat you
With a leaf of salad and some dressing pouring out a teacup
Bitch I'm Tyler the Creature, suck your feet up like a beacher
Beat ya rubber more than the f*cking bottom of a sneaker
Jeeper the f*cking creeper, get your daughter and keep her
In the jeeps where the Wolf Gang ride around deeper
Take her to Ladera now she's getting scared and you're embarrassed
Filled with terror, chop her legs off and tell her to run some errands
Put her eyes in a canteen, take her to the Berrics
Stear her, Steve say it costs ten to f*ck Eric
Put her in the lake her body seems great
Now it's time to fish her like Derek
Satan says we're dangerous, we're trading kids for angel dust
Snuff and sniffing out at Michael Jackson's tryna suck our dick
Hippopot the f*cking llamas, dead bodies should leave the squatters
Gave the team a bunch of f*cking bees and a Keke Palmer
They will never catch him or catch up
They asked me what it was I told them f*ckers it was ketchup
Nutty like my chex mix, she bleeding from her rectum
Odd Future wolves stirring ruckus throwing sets up, yep

[Verse 3:]
This the type of shit that make children break in apartments
When you tell a f*cking orphan you don't love 'em 'til they heart thin
Starve her 'til I carve her then I shove her in the Rover
Where I cut her like a barber with a Parkinson's disorder
Store her in a portable freezer with me to Portland
Catch me with a bunch of f*cking Mexicans crossing the border
I be the only wetback who ain't really touched the water
Cause I be too f*cking busy tryna flirt with Jesus' daughter (F*ck Mary)
I'm awesome, and I f*ck dolphins
Sicker than a starving Nigerian kid's barfing
Odd Future Wolf Gang Nazi bar mitzvah
With your sister at the bar playing leg and arm twister
Evident that I'm the shit, I'm the Pooh like Tigger dick
I got these cracker doctors saying yeah Bob, this nigger's sick
Animal safari, if I offend you I'm sorry
Because I'm the blackest skinhead since India Arie
I don't smoke weed so no need for the matches
Said f*ck coke and now I'm snorting Hitler's ashes
Plan on either dying for suicide or my asthma
Being the only bastard in a box logo casket
Rashes on my dick from licks from shishkabob Sagets
In some Kanye West glasses screaming out f*ck faggots
Catch me in my attic taking photos of my dad's dick
Drop the beat here to make it extra climactic

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