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Sleep Lyrics
You on the internet and shit and uh... these motherf*ckers be posting videos of songs like: "Uh, oh, uh, this the motherf*cking blame it on the throne freestyle". Nigga, that wasn't a f*ckin' freestyle, nigga you pre-wrote that shit and just spitted it on a f*cking camera. I don't really get why these motherf*cking rappers just like... they, they don't wanna freestyle no more, it's like, you ain't got no more niggas that can really f*cking spit of the top of the dome. So this nigga Left Brain gave a f*cking beat, alright, I really liked this shit, I'll just f*cking freestyle on it and this nigga f*cking Hodgy Beats, I don't know why he's in here but he just gonna f*cking ad-lib. So uuuhhh...yeah

Yo, (yo), yo, (yeah), yo, (yo)
Your bitch pretty, she pretty
And now she's screaming, now I fill her up with semen
All she see is seamen
Now you hear her voice, no pro-choice
Know I'm hot, pro-abortion on this boat.
Bitch calm down, down
Krusty The Clown making you laugh.
Laugh, finger in your ass
Now you like "woah, hold up mister I don't know your name."
Bitch shut the f*ck up, you are on the train.
Just to death.
Chop your body up and put it in the freezer,
Before I kill a f*cker just to please her.
No condom, I just might disease her,
and if that f*cking happens, f*ck it she'll be dead chopped up in my motherf*cking freezer.
You can f*cking get the vanilla, Minnelli, Liza. Elizah.
"Here you want a sample? Nigga try her."
Kinda like apprentice, nigga fire, I'ma dentist.
Niggas looking at me, hair nappy, here's a brush.
But she don't wanna rush, cause if if I f*cking bust,
she's gonna be pissed.
But then I pulled out, f*ck I can't have blue balls, so bitch start suckin my dick,
and then she f*cking licked.
I bust up on her face, now she's looking Like Michael, Jackson, Jackson.
Now I sound like, Tony, Braxton.
Deep voice motha'f*cka. F*cka had her suckin on my wrapper lollipop like it's a sucker, motherf*cker. (Bitch.)
I'm back for round two.
I found you.
You'd try to run, but I found blue.
Yellow's over there, in the motherf*cking field, Where, the niggas wear colored pants, jerk, and pop pills.
I'm on the other side, were all them niggas ride, a nigga skatin.
We take Indie bitches With Hodgy Be'ayes up on a date.
Where nigga smoke blunts, or sniff coke, where motherf*ckin freestyles never wrote, or writtin.
I'm livin.
Niggas shittin while I'm pissin on they face.
Here you call the cops, here's my phone, I'll catch a case.
But I got, a good lawyer, so my f*ckin record erase.
Just like a f*ckin pencil, I mental.
Left Brain, laced this instrumental, with some shit that's so illegal, that,
he gon have to go and fly over seas like an eagle,
in the Winta, Decemba, Imba, Limpa,
Kick him in the leg now he limpa. IMPA.
Niggas rollin round, Nipsey Hustle in the Impala.
Lookin at me while I style on ya.
Oh, you mad cause I'm stylin on you?
Plus the cal is on me?
4-5in on em,
Gnolly tricks on ya bitch, girl-boy lookin clean, cause,
You already know my hat green, and that shit Sayin SUPREME.
You can't f*ck with it, you little H-B, you hate me, A-C, L-B,H-B.
C-V. Super 3. And Bran'doom DeShay, with my Nigga Domo, the Gene'says, you
Hate on the O-F, that's the best letter in the world, and I'm better better, than your better girl.
She the best I've ever had. I-- [cough cough]
Asthma. [Cough] F*ck it. I'm coughin. This the re'free-- [cough cough] Oh shit. [cough cough] I'm bout to hit it back. [cough]
I said,
This the re-freestyle,
No written.
I spit all my shit from the dome, home like a motherf*cker nigga leavin his college,
For good.
In the Hood.
I'm from Ladera, not from IngleWood.
Hawthorne couple times, go the city where I be.
Even up in Hollywood, you could find me.
I'm not a f*cking cliche, e-shay, e, a, ohhh f*ck it I'm over it,
I got work tomorrow.
Left Brain let me get a beat to borrow just so I could spit the shit quick.
Bitches with some big lips. Yeah she got some big lips.
A nice long tongue, for this over-sized big dick.
Size 12 in the Shoe, 32 in the jeans.
Skinny as f*ck. Motherf*cking T-Shirt a 2X, yes.
And you could ask anybody here that's daily, bitches feel me, f*cking iPods wanna play me.
Ask me why I cuss so much.
F*ck, shit, c*nt and dick.
Now shut the f*ck up bitch, eat a f*cking dick in a blanket,
I be on that stank shit.
F*ck everybody here,
What the f*ck I look like Thankin?

Ohh shit, the beat ended, f*ck. It's ovveerrrr.

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