Twenty One Pilots - Slowtown Lyrics

Twenty One Pilots Lyrics

Slowtown Lyrics
Hey, hey, wouldn't it be great, great,
If we could just lay down and wake up in Slowtown,
Today, day, I want to go away, way,
'Cause things are too fast now,
I want to be in Slowtown.

I put my socks on my feet,
Just so that my soul won't fall through my toes,
And I walk through my door,
Just so I don't fall through the floor.

I remember when my brother and other kids from neighboring houses,
Would get together, I'd ride my bike and my brother would ride his,
Put cards in our spokes and make our engine sound like traffic,
When using Pokemon cards, please do not use the holographics,

So bold and fearless in the risks we take,
Laugh in the face of gravity as it's laws we'd break,
On trampolines so high, we reach for the sky, but I,
Do not look up anymore and I don't know why.

We're going too fast, fast, save us, Now.

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