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Sloppy Toppy Lyrics
[Verse 1: Quavo]
She see me pull up in that 'Rari
I'm thinkin' 'bout choppin' the toppy
Got bitches on bitches, they run 'round the lobby, they know that I got it
I got too much money, son, sorry can't fit in my wallet
Sloppy toppy, you can't touch my wallet
Sloppy toppy know the bitches got it
Know that she got it
Know that she got it
Sloppy toppy, sloppy toppy, uh
Know that she got it
Know that she got it
Sloppy toppy, bet the bitch has got it
Sloppy toppy, bet that bitch has got it

[Verse 2: Travis Scott]
Migos they know that got it
Know that my wristwatch is sloppy
Now they want a double dutch in my pockets
Tell me one thing, is she 'bout it?
Girl is you 'bout it?
Gotta know before we let you tip toe and run through the lobby
But the little bitty told me sloppy toppy was a hobby
So she got me sloppy toppy like the sloppy toppy Goddess
Over the garden, over the garden
Oh what a goddess
On my privates, we don't do massages
Just menages
She like to talk shit when we f*ck, after she claims she forgot it
She don't tap out, no tap out, she rather just black out
Then we take trips to her trap house
We been pullin' them stacks out
Call over your friends
Bend over, they poppin' for bands
Can't stop if I can
No I do not do beer cans, f*ck is this a frat house?

[Bridge: Travis Scott & Quavo]
I know that she got it, I know that she got it
I know that she got it, I know that she got it

[Verse 3: Quavo]
I pull up and pick her up
Get her bruh
I know that she bad
And I know that the head is so good when she got around
I know that we call her the sloppy toppy
My pockets so sloppy
I pull out the whopper, the chopper
Just know that's who shot ya
Me, pull up in that 'Rari I don't have a key
She hop in the whip, disappear like a genie

[Verse 4: Takeoff]
She got the sloppy toppy, bitches want my broccoli
She after my money, Monopoly
Them twitter bitches wanna follow me
I make 'em swallow me then kick 'em off of my property
Paparazzi keep on stalkin' me
Feel like the Federali's keep on watchin' me
Worth 100 mil, niggas can't talk to me
Get sloppy toppy but you givin' currency
I make your bitch work for me, she at the Doubletree
Chopping strong, OG gas bags of that Hercules
Whipping the top off the Audi, do surgery
Red on the bottom, my shoes it's a murder scene
I don't want your bitch she a natnat
Pull up in the Audi, it's a hatchback
Kickin', pimpin' and I'm luxury livin'
Makin' it disappear, I'm a magician

[Hook: Quavo]
Know that the bad bitch got it
Know that she got it, I know that she got it, I know that she got it
Know that the bad bitch got it
Know that she got it, I know that she got it, I know that she got it

[Verse 5: PeeWee Longway]
Sloppy in the wrist and all my pockets
Come here lil bitch, I want sloppy toppy
Butt naked, f*ckin' in Balenciaga
Her pussy wet, I call it Fiji water
I know she got it, I'm a beat it for her
Then I dismiss the bitch and ignore her
They know I got it, I'm at the top floor
With Benjamins on me, no dubs
Duffle bag filled up like I'm Money Mayweather
Boogers in my Rollie, Pikachu yellow
Pick a shoe, Balenci, Maison Margiela
Pick a big bezel, which bezel is better?
My jeweler know I got big cheddar
Double Lambo, double parking wherever
Double R ghost jump out with an umbrella
Come with me, we take off like space shuttles
Longway, Longway


[Verse 6: Offset]
Sloppy toppy in the Maserati
She gone get on top me, ride me like a Harley
I don't f*ck with the molly, look at her body
She a hottie like a bag of Takis
Beat the pussy like I'm Pacquiao
Squeeze the nipples like you milk a cow
Pull up in the car that she can't pronounce
Dick in her mouth, you'd think she got a root canal
30 thousand for her Birkin
Fat booty, shawty perfect
She gag on the dick and she burpin'
She swallow my kids like a slurpee
Good brains, she nerdy
I'm wonderin' what is her purpose
When I get around her I get nervous
Little momma, she clean like detergent


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