Travis Scott - Naked Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Naked Lyrics
[Justin Vernon ad-libs]

[Travis Scott]
Tears dripping on my pillow thoughts is in my head
See my dreams jump out my window if I follow I'll be dead
And I been waiting all week to talk this shit but instead
Gon' have to burn this roof down for these niggas to understand
And what we f*cking for? For the lights in the night
The way yours eyes glow you make me want to have your sight
Damn I dug my own trenches, yeah I hide my own pistols
I survived in the coldest winter, these beats is my only dinner
You can't blame a nigga, they tryna hang a nigga
I mean like every time a nigga blink I'm throwing on the mink
And she don't want to dance unless she drink
Will this Pharaoh make it out his sphinx?
Bookmarked a lot haters, I added more links
Rolling with the same niggas who was rolling with niggas that was on E
Wonder why I see the stars in the afternoon
Floating at night when you can catch me right under the moon

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