Travis Scott - High Fashion Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

High Fashion Lyrics
We, we, we, we predicted this you hear me, we predicted this

[Hook: Future]
See how ya'll at me, it's how they at me
Tryin' catch me, tryin' snatch us
Fly and flashy
Say I'm fashion
I'm high fashion, I'm on acid
I move like I'm on acid, grind I'm high fashion
I do it real drastic, I do it real drastic
Everything everlasting, money stretch like elastic
Oh, oh, oh
And I'm strapped with that plastic
And I'm strapped with that plastic
I love this music with a passion

[Verse 1: Travi$ Scott]
Maison Margiela blunts, Louboutin double cups
Designer jersey get seamed up, if it tastes good
Niggas rollin' like rollers might roll up in dun-ta-duns
Don't think that I've had enough
Cause I been on the binge
Scored a coke model that's a high fashion win
Splurgin' in the mall got me spendin' all my ends
Yeah, we made it to the hills now
Coke costs a couple bills now
Yeah tell me how it feels now
Tired of motherf*ckers who wanna be trill
Yeah, down south it get real
Diamonds two steppin' every time I crack the grill
Niggas still hate hatin' niggas how I live

[Hook: Future]

[Verse 2: Future]
Fly and flashy, fly and flashy, fly and flashy
In a recession bitch, I got collections bitch
I don't respect the bitch, I might say f*ck the bitch
And then go and f*ck the bitch
I seen a psychiatrist, the devil inside me
And I'm tryin' to hide it
This lean got me nauseous, but I keep on usin'
And with so much Givenchy, and they say I'm abusin' it
I went and tried to sit down with the Pope
To tell him I was usin' too much dope
The only way I tell him anything, he gotta plug me in with the coke

[Hook x2: Future]

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