Travis Scott - Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Midnight awakin', hyper ventilatin'
Drunk laps runnin' 'round the globe wild goose chasin'
After three number one albums woulda thought I'd feel amazin' Still impatient, still sippin' on liquor
Still rollin' up swishas
Now it's beamers double parking, f*ck payin' the meter
In your club, on your couch, just got paid to be here
On your girl rubbin' on my favorite features
How could they tease us, only wanted of Ben Franklins and Mona Lisas

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Man, I might f*ck around, lose my mind, I gotta break out
I'm on a stake out, on a farm or your lake house

[Verse 2:]
Around 3 AM dog, I was gettin' busy in the bathroom stall
Bad mamacita, Miami heater
Put it in a two seater, too bad I couldn't three peat her
Need a whole lotta vida 'fore I see the reaper
House full of snow bunnies, puttin' trees up like it's Christmas Easter
With more stamps than a skinny nigga got tats on my Visa
I know the kids in La Flame, they don't trust, they believe it

[Hook x2]

Jesus, Jesus (I mean), Jesus, Jesus
I might f*ck around, lose my mind
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

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