Travis Scott - Bad Mood / Shit On You Lyrics

Travis Scott Lyrics

Bad Mood / Shit On You Lyrics
I just have one question...

F*ck outta my business
I done things that most men would ask forgiveness
Broke the code, the commandments from my descendants
Gives a f*ck, new children in the buildin'
We ride with no limits
Shut the f*ck up, don't you hear me tryna finish?
I'm in a bad mood [echoes]

Rob that dude
F*ck that couch, burn that house
We the cause of the era, you niggas we're new terror
A thousand on the leather, you niggas should know better
Some niggas new slaves, I do say (f*ck, f*ck)
Twice only on a Tuesday when I'm in a bad mood
Oooh, your skin mahogany (f*ck, f*ck)
Oooh, let's break the monotony
Government threw us in a maze (WHAAAT)
Have you trickin' forty K for some grades (WHAAAT)
Just to make forty K for the wage
Dropped out and made that in one day
I'm in a bad mood [echoes]

Ooh nigga I'm wildin' on 'em
Hmm, back pilling on 'em
I never feel the pain
Only God can make it rain
So I must be Mary, Joseph, Allah
Kid of a disciple, these thoughts is suicidal
Jumpin' off a buildin', quit thinkin' like a psycho
They tryna find a nigga dead, Chris Lighty
Anxiety, under the meds, Chris Bobby, AAAHH!

Skinny black bastard ridin' Casper
I tend to lose my thoughts when I walk
They say I'm a slave so tell me the master
Now his head on the pendant by the cross
Coke'd it then I f*cked her for the theory
You know I'm crazy, I'm straight, no weary
I hate when conversates can't relate
You know it be f*cking up my groove when I'm in a bad mood [echoes]

I can't wait...
I can't wait just to shit on you

This one for the f*ck fake niggas that love to just hate, dawg
Always talkin' that wild shit, see 'em never let them verbs off
All these f*ckin' missed calls, might delete the whole call log
Thousand dollars for the jeans, fam, she grip 'em when a nigga swerve off
Think I need a desert A, need to zip my face
Thinkin' they know Jacques, niggas don't know me
Grew up on my lonestar, niggas roll that weed

I, I, I can't wait, just to shit on you
I, I, I can't wait, just to shit on you
I, I, I can't wait, just to shit on you
Just to shit on you; I can't wait, just to shit on you

Goodbye, Travis...
Dim, the, lights (lights, lights, lights, lights, lights...)
YEEEEEAAAAAH! I can't wait, just to shit on you
I, I, I can't wait, just to shit on you...

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