Too $hort - You Can't F*ck With Us Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

You Can't F*ck With Us Lyrics
[Noreaga ad libs for the first 18 seconds]

[Chorus x2: Petey Pablo + N.O.R.E.]
Can't f*ck with us! Every car that we in
Can't f*ck with us! You see it's somethin like a sin
Can't f*ck with us! Man, you gotta show love
Can't f*ck with us! Pimp player gangster or thug

[Verse One: N.O.R.E.]
Yo, I'm Too $hort to bitches, f*ckin with Poppalicious
Nore holdin it down and bust biscuits (buck buck buck)
New York crime scene things get risk-us (uh oh)
Until I f*ckin grow them old man whiskers, I'ma
stay on the block like Rocky, I'm papi
Throwin batteries in the sock and rock aqui
Noreaga plus I got my Famous Player card
Himalaya, who the mayor, bitches St. Bernard - shit
Stuck in love, since you got doo-doo
Until I met Good Game and Pimp JuJu
Taught me how to sell mooshu, in a Azuzu
Go hard, thinkin you hard, I'm Monster Cody-ium
At the Hip-Hop Summit, catch 'em at the podium
But yo, you know how that go, gotta make the papes so
Pimpin on a bitch hard, never catch a case doe
Boot to your side, to your back, to your face


[Verse Two: Petey Pablo]
As I'm rollin with my homey down on the side
Petey Pab', Short Dawg in a low-ride
'Bout to take a trip up to the Eastside
Whattup Nore? Give your boy half on a hoe pie
I love to rock the crowd
Take my shirt off, let my chest bounce around
Got missin for a minute but I'm back now
Time to give some of these sissies here the hush mouth
You've been waitin and anticipatin oh-so-long
Starvin like Marvin for a Petey song
Tired of Carolina bein stepped on, stepped over
Next time, I'ma get the award
Or I'ma beat the nigga ass who won
I ain't gon' wait for the camera to cut
I'ma light him up
Dem jab, right cross, dem uppercut
Y'all niggaz can't f*ck with us, a huh huh, huh huh


[Verse Three: Too $hort]
I'm doin donuts at the light, I ain't got no sense
I drive crazy, cause they can't stop no pimp
On my way to nowhere, drivin hella fast
And everytime I see a cop, I give it hella gas
I swerved doin 40 in a curve
But I whiffed them other suckers still smokin on my herb
Man I got this, now I'm doin 60 on a backstreet
Knowin this hound wants to lick me
She won't give up, I keep goin
You wonder how these old-ass hoes keep hoein
It's the game; that's what I put in these women
From the beginnin to the endin
That's why these old-ass pimps keep pimpin
And these broke-ass hoes be limpin
Cain't get right, f*cked up your life
Nigga mad he ain't ballin tonight


[Too $hort]
(Can't f*ck with us!) Can't f*ck with me
(Can't f*ck with us!) Can't f*ck with the real ones nigga
(Can't f*ck with us!) Lil beotch
(Can't f*ck with us!) Can't f*ck with a real G
(Can't f*ck with us!) They can't f*ck with us man
(Can't f*ck with us!)
(Can't f*ck with us!) Don't even try it
(Can't f*ck with us!) Nah nah nigga, this ain't for you
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