Too $hort - Where The Pimp's At? Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Where The Pimp's At? Lyrics
[Too $hort]
Put your hands in the air if you're pimpin
If youse a real player with the women
And all the ladies, stuck with a lame
$hort Dawg'll never let 'em f*ck up the game
You better break that nigga, shake that nigga
Don't wait too long girl, make it happen quicker
Choose on a real pimp, f*ck that imitation
What's he gon' do when I'm up in his face and
I tell him his hoe ain't his no mo'
From here on, mind your business yo
Cause all year long, I'ma pimp this hoe
If you don't want the money what'chu in it fo'?
Stop pretendin, and be yo'self
If you had some pimp game you wouldn't need no help
You can be like us, you ain't got to front
Real players, we do what the f*ck we want, now

[Chorus: Too $hort]
Where the pimps at? Where the pimps at?
Where the pimps at? Where all the pimps at? Beeitch!
Where the pimps at? Where the pimps at?
Where the pimps at? Where all the pimps at?

[Too $hort]
All pimps ain't men, all hoes ain't women
Why you always braggin when you know you ain't in it
Why you so fake, man you're just a lil' wimp
Why you wanna shake hands and touch a real pimp
I heard you went to jail and got broke for your smokes
You know you ain't nothin but a joke to my folks
If you had game, the world could be yours
But you don't even know that your girlfriend's a whore
She's good at suckin dick, make you cum quick
She's got her own website, pay her rent to click
It ain't free, and no she's not a lonely bitch
She likes to shop, I hope you're not her only trick
Cause if you f*ck with her
You're not her man, you're just a customer
Cain't even hang with the boys
All the real pimps make some noise

[last line changed:] Where all the pimps at? All the pimps in the house make some noooise

[Kool Ace]
Ye-yeahhhhhh, hey hey
Yeah baby, all that we have seen
on the TV screen about, all that we have dreamed of
is not before you, real pimps own game
Real macks on this

It's Mr. Real Feel Pimpin at you once again
Game done changed but I'm still at them Benjamins
So break bread hoe, huh, get too it honey
Make it rain in this bitch like Hurricane Money
Big macks on 'gnacs now get your {?} on deck
We breakin bitches in Hollywood with them big fat checks
It ain't hard for you to fit in, go do the figures
You f*ckin with gator legends some, some bigger niggaz
Mack A-C-E, in 3-D
Representin this motherf*ckin P-I-M-P
I-N-C bitch now don't hate it
Game decorated, Pimpin' Incorporated

[Too $hort]
You listenin to Pimpin' Incorporated
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