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Too $hort Lyrics

What's A Pimp? Lyrics
Sometimes we lose some good ones mayn y'know?
They don't really understand this playerism
Just gotta break it down to 'em, keep it real y'know?
I'm a P-F-L, sworn to the P.I.

[Verse One]
I spent so many days with you, so many nights
It's nice, I wanted you to be my only wife
We didn't make it, I couldn't take it
I tried to square up, it's too hard I couldn't fake it
And now I see why, since I was knee high
I swore to live and die by the P.I.
And I'm stayin true, born in this game and it's payin too
I wish I could have stayed witchu
But it's over, I love you and I still care
We can kick it any time, but I'm still a player
... damn you got that look I like
I tried to settle down it felt like you took my life
I left town, I got women all around
While I was out soul-searchin, guess what I found?
The more hoes the merrier, you think I wanna marry her?
Bitch that sounds scarier and scarier
I need to have a few wives
Cause I don't wanna come home and tell you lies
In my heart I think I found her if she feels the same
You think I've changed, think I'd play her if I'm still in the game?
Hell yeah! One woman, I don't think so
I let the game be my wife, and I'm faithful
I never do her wrong, I never cheat on her
And if the game was baseball, I'd be on first

(I see you watchin this) I see you watchin
(I know it looks real hot up in here) It's pimpin baby
(But what's a pimp?) Oh you know
(I say but what's a pimp?)
(They wanna be like this) They wanna be like this
(I know it looks real fly up in here) It's real fly
(But what's a pimp?)
(I say but what's a pimp?)

[Verse Two]
It's like this
I don't lie, I told you what I felt at the time
I wasn't high, I know you see yourself in my rhymes
A lot of women I dealt with, could hear these words
And realize there's no way I could still be hers
Unless you wanna share me with a hot one named Tarrie
And don't get mad at me when I'm out poppin cherries
I know some ladies they just wanna have babies
Collect child support from rich men in Mercedes
It's cool, but that's not what players do
Get with me, those days are over, I swear it's true
You're through, havin sex for nothin
Hopin some day some man'll give you somethin
Your own bank account - don't laugh, it's not funny
You only f*cked with him cause he got a lotta money
But you never get paid, don't lie to me
You just look good, and you get to ride for free
What you eat and what you drink, you trade for sex
Pick you up in the Benz, next day in the Lex
Are you happy? Do you think you're, on a roll?
Do you love your life? Are you achievin any goals?
Or are you sad, mad cause it ain't your way?
Call mom and dad they'll be glad that you ain't gon' stay
Or call me, I got a solution
Choose me and then hit the top with your new man

[Chorus: w/ variations]

[Verse Three]
I don't have fantasies, just needs
I need more than one woman to please
And she's like a love roller coaster, the thrill never lasts
And I always seem to find some better ass
Some bitch that can suck better, get wetter
She got them super skills to do anything you let her
So I'm done with you, I still care
I love you baby but I'm still a player
I always been aware and I never been scared
Found some magazines on the top they said Player$
I was young but I was old and I wanted those hoes
Found out playin with girls was mo' fun with no clothes
You can call it what you want to, Doctor or House
Hide and Go Get It, then I'm knockin it out
If she ain't widdit, I find another little chick
I'm quick to switch, even when I was six
I had a backup bitch, when my bitch would trip
I'd go play with my other girlfriend and get me a kiss
And at the age of thirty-six I'm to the same old tricks
Too $hort baby no the game don't quit
I'm playin games with these lame brains
Treatin superstars, like some plane Janes
I wanna get new thangs, so I used the game to maintain
Bitch I refuse to change

[Chorus: w/ variations]

[unknown singer from Chorus]
Minks and pinky rings and them
Some so why should you begin
Livin, the world that they are perceivin
Ho-ohhh, is everything that you see
Really good enough to be
Part of the pimp life, ohhhhhh

[Chorus: w/ variations to fade (quickly)]
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