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U Stank Lyrics
[George Clinton]
The luscious bitch, she is true
But it's not nice to fool Mother Nature
The proud mother of God, like all hoes
is jealous of her own shadow
Who is this young big tawny bitch who wish to be queen for a day?
Who would sacrifice the great grandsons and daughters of her jealous mother?
By suckin their brain until their ability to think was amuptated?
By pimpin their instincts until they were fat, horny and strung out?
And her right to be kept queen of the universe
Who is this bitch?

[Too $hort]
You get, somethin for nothin when you got to get the gas
Spit the game in her ear tell her, get on the ave
It's mind manipulation, in every situation
There's a pimp and a ho, somebody roll this Dayton
downhill, takin the easy way
While the other brother say it should be this way
Which one are you? Cause I was "Born to Mack"
Since the day of my birth, I was sworn to that
It's the P-I, M-P, that's in me
You envy, how instantly I make ten G's
And never lift a finger, makes you wanna bring a
player to the show and get your clown Jerry Springer
Blame the consumer's how I look at life
It's just another day in a hooker's life
With no tricks there's no pimpin
It's like drugs with no fiends, sex with no women

[George Clinton (Too $hort)]
Down with the P-Funk, F-U-N-Kaich
Down with the P-Funk, P-U
Down with the P-Funk, F-U-N-K (beotch)
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy not?
Let's funk until they smell it
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
Let's funk until they smell it

[Too $hort]
I came through, the party was packed
I saw three top notches, the rest was rats
I could smell it, when I first touched down
I saw yo' bitch, she wanna f*ck right now
Quit actin scared, cause I just might get her
Spend the night wit her, won't spend my life wit her
My specialty, is runnin game
But this ain't hide and go get it, I ain't playin
I'm on a constant pursuit of panties
She said she had a man, I said bitch can he
stick dick to ya, give ya long slow strokes
Or beat your pussy up 'til it smokes?
Young girl lookin brand new, told me what her man do
Fake-ass nigga, she can't stand you
I took advantage of her, nigga f*ck you
I know bitches, I know just what to do
I like fat girls, I had plenty
Black and white, tall or skinny
If you asked me, I won't change my mind
I cain't marry you, I told you that the last time

[George Clinton (Too $hort) {DC}]
Let's funk 'em, let's funk 'em
'til they smell it {hah ha ha!}
Hooha hoo ha, ho hoo hoo
{let's funk 'em 'til they smell it!}
(Bitch!) {let's funk 'em 'til they smell it!}
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
{let's funk 'em 'til they smell it!}
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
Miss me with that shit
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
Miss me with that shit..
.. bitch!

Now, it happened
A case of the miss me with that shits
Miss me with that shit - somethin stink!

[Baby DC]
Well I might be young but I bathe in Cristal
Bitches they know the name, sling dick like pis-tal
Cuff your bitch now 'fore we put her on tape
With some, dick on her face screamin gimme a taste
F*ck the rest of these niggaz and bitches that's like niggaz
(Man just get my motherf*ckin Rolex) Man f*ck that nigga
I'ma pawn that nigga, I'm beyond that nigga
If you ain't packin a pistol then run my nigga
Cause we been to known to rip shit up, so keep yo' chains up
'fore you lames get plucked, you shut the f*ck up
Shut the f*ck up, 'fore I bust, two at your truck
Draped in all black, two in the Coupe, you better duck
(Who's that lookin through my window?) Blaow! Nobody now!
You motherf*ckers better lay it down
B-A-B-Y capital D-C
Virtual pimpin, we mackin in 3-D
Miss me with that shit
Yeah that ain't no jive

[George Clinton (Too $hort)]
Down with the P-Funk, F-U-N-K
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy not? (beotch)
Down with the P-Funk, F-U-N-K (you stank)
Down with the P-Funk, F-U (beotch)
Down with the P-Funk, F-U-N-K (you stank)
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy not?
P-Funk, F-U-N
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
Down with the P-Funk, P-U (you stank bitch)
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)
(I smell ya, you stank)
(Oh it's so funky, cause you stank, beotch)
(Jump yo' ass in the tub, you stank)

[George Clinton]
Now you got me talkin niggarish
So just color me like a nigga
Peanut bitin on my tongue while I'm spillin nigga gibberish
Nigga got a habit of babblin broken english
So make an american apple so a nigga won't be distinguished
Perceivin me to be somewhat a common nigga?
F*ck an AK-47, a millimeter
Don't need a fresh hooker on my jock shootin drag
Gettin paid ho
Go rush some cash
You went to school to still run in the street
Back in the day, you know a raw nigga like me don't play
I'm a blue B-L-A-C-K black-ass nigga
Suck my dick and make it bigger
As I walk into the party I grab my goatin ass
You see him and you love him, here you go ho hug him
Walkin around here with your lips curled, makin me sick
Actin like you got class, this here Sheba Makeba
I said naw, disagree
She was a beat the bitch, bitch I bet I'll beat yo' ass
In a minute I'm a cuss
I'm a nigga I don't give a motherf*ck
Jam is biggerer, thickerer
You a nigga, but I am nigga-er
This is to be.. (spit it baby!)
Hey did you get that shit on tape? (It's on tape!)
Oh my God that nigga is cold dawg!
You see my pockets stay full, yours stay empty
You say I look Kunta Kinte
Blue black ain't shit jack, I'm blacker than that
Jet black, yeah I do smoke crack
You and your bitch will get checked
I have no respect for a skeezer
I'll slap her in her muh'f*ckin face
And it won't disgrace, this nigga
Oh yes! (there it go) Oh my God!
Nigga you got some shit done
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