Too $hort - The Bitch Sucks Dick Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

The Bitch Sucks Dick Lyrics
Oh yes, I'm that master rap
I'm the cold cap [echo]
I'm what you know, ask
Beyotch, Beyotch

2 times baby, one time more
Give it one more for Sir Too $hort
When I rap, I'm like this, I'm like that
They can't resist, the MC MC MC thing
That Too Too Too Too Too $hort thing
Beyotch, I don't stop
Never ever ever will smoke that rock
Beyotch, I don't quit
I'm Too $hort baby, got the shit
To rap on the mike, turn you out
Too $hort baby without a doubt

I gotta change the beat
I got a song for every cold player

Oh yeah, this here song is dedicated to any nigger who ever in
life got his dick sucked. So if you don't know what it's like
to get your dick sucked, well then just dream.

I need a doctor just for me
To suck my dick, like a vet
To suck my dick until I sweat
I need a bitch, thick as hell
She's gotta suck dick so I can tell
All my homies, what she did
She sucked and sucked and she's a bitch
The homeboys laugh, everytime
And then I put her in my rhyme
Talk about a bitch who sucked dick
Man oh man that bitch can lick
She'll have a nigger jumping up
Making a nigger just wanna f*ck
Have you heard about baby, man she's tough
You know I have and now she sucks

The bitch sucked dick, so much dick
I loved that blowjob

I'm Sir Too $hort, I don't stop
I love a bitch for a blow job
I just laugh, over and over
When a bitch drinks sperm like it's a soda
A nigger be aiming, whops I missed
Get back bitch, we'll never kiss
When it comes to me, game is tough
Have you heard about baby, man she sucks

The bitch sucked dick, so much dick
I loved to get my dick sucked by her

Bitches in Oakland want to be under
When they suck dick like girl wonder
Niggers in Oakland are sick as hell
As soon as they nut they gots to tell
All the homies, what she did
She sucked and sucked and she's a bitch
The homeboys laugh everytime
And then I put her in a rhyme
Cause when a bitch sucks me down
I kick on back and think about now
When I sing about rap, all about her
The way she will and put in work
I'm Sir Too $hort, in the chair
Bust big nuts like a big 'ol player
And sometimes baby we could f*ck
But everytime you know she sucks

The bitch sucked dick, so much dick
I loved to get my dick sucked by that bitch

Me and homeboy roll to the Hyatt
Shit went crazy when they had a riot
I got in the Cutlass, went a few blocks
Saw a bitch and had to stop
Asked her if she needed a ride
The bitch just kept on walking by
So I said baby, could we just talk
I make you see, no need to walk
She never should have stopped, now that time
Cuz now baby, your in my rhyme
I remember you leaving, said I'll see you soon
I remember us going in my room
But I've never seen you, you freaky bitch
I now I tell the world just how you live
Too bad baby, we couldn't f*ck
Everytime I see ya I'm a say you suck

The bitch sucked dick
Man that bitch is going to give a vicious blow job

When I drop my drawls, I'll be ready
Blow more head than Blow Job Betty
Suck my dick, and suck it cool
And suck my homie when he come through
Just suck dick, till you see no other
I think my homie, is bringing his brother
All my homies are coming up
Kick back and cap and say she sucks

The bitch sucked dick
That bitch sucked dick (echo)
I love a bitch like that, suck a whole lotta dick
Knows, get a nigger all juiced up when they bust into the bitches mouth
I'm a tell ya

If I wanted, I could black her
But I'm not f*cking no head doctor
Bitches don't know that Too SHort tip
You might get f*cked if you don't suck dick
But I'm so freash, I'm so down
I tell that bitch the other way around
Suck my dick and you'll get some
I'll f*ck you baby till your cock is numb
I'll bust my nut in her mouth
Smooth get dressed and roll out
I'm Sir Too $hort, fresh fresh again
Kicking it tough just like a pimp
I could rap non stop in stereo
I talk about a bitch, I watch her blow
Cause she just can't wait to f*ck
So for that one reason you know she sucks

The bitch sucked dick, so much dick
I just love that bitch for that good blowjob

I'm Too S-H-O-R-T
Rap so strong to the disco beat
Talk about bitches who ever licked
Bitch don't lie, you sucked my dick
More then once, more than twice
It was hella times and it all was nice
You see me nut, when i look down
And you looked up and see me frown
Cause your one bitch I'll never f*ck
Do you know why, because you suck

She's a vicious head doctor with a P.H.D.
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