Too $hort - That's Right Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

That's Right Lyrics
That's right...
Right right right

[Verse One]
I know you love me, I'm like a habit
But if you had a million dollars, could I have it?
If I was broke and starvin, would you feed me?
If I drove a big car, would you see me?
While I'm foldin yo' money in half
If you was holdin on down to yo' last
You know I need it, everything you got
I gotta get it or we'll never see the top
If it was a Happy Meal, or a half-a-mill
It's the same thing baby, that's real
Don't matter if you're holdin out, no doubt
If you f*ckin Ludacris bitch, +Rollin' Out+
With a Chinese name, Won Gone
Pack yo' bags, and get the f*ck on
It's understandable, why I do what I do
Gettin money every day and I'm still comin through, right..

I'm a woman that'll hold you down
When the other ones can't be fou-ounnnd, that's right
I'm a woman that'll keep you rich
When the others want you to tri-iiiick - that's right

[Verse Two]
I need team players, to roll with
Get down with an O.G., knowin it
Would you mix Hennessy, with Tanqueray?
Let me f*ck yo' best friend every day
Would you walk from Compton to Hollywood
From Richmond to Oakland I got it good
From the Soul Train Awards to the Grammys
From New York City to Miami
If I went to jail, would you bail me out?
If I went through hell, would you help me out?
Get a king and have better things
Sell your grandmomma's wedding ring
Unconditional love, would you donate yo' kidneys?
I wanna know how much would you give me
Let my dawg hit it, matter fact let us all get it
Break somethin off on it, right..


[Verse Three]
I woke up one day in the A-T-L
With a pocket full of money feelin way too real
Thinkin bout what happened 'fore I went to sleep
I'd be broke if it wasn't for the pimp in me
Read my mind, I want what you got
Top down girl, bumpin Tupac
You got too much money in your freak pants
That's why I keep my ladies in a deep trance
From January to December
She can't remember, her mind's in a blender
Wake up in the back of a Caddy
Don't even know who's your momma or your daddy
The name is Too $hort
I'm addictive like Newports, but of course
you can fight the feelin if you want to
But this game might come back to haunt you, right..


[Outro from "Pimpin' Ken dot Com"]
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