Too $hort - Still Blowin' Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Still Blowin' Lyrics
Yeah I still smoke
Still blowin

[Too $hort:]
I don't need navigation, I know where to go
85 on the highway blowin the 'dro
Move out the way if you goin too slow
My dick's in her mouth, let a hoe be a hoe
Cause I flip 'em like pancakes
I smoke weed like Scoot and Band-Aid
Comin back, from Humboldt County
All I blow is kush, I don't want no brown weed
So light it up, let's get it on
I smoked a lot of purp but that shit is strong
You can buy it on the turf, that's whassup
But niggaz like me hit the cannabis club

[Chorus: x2]
I only shop at the weed store
Smoked it all up now I need some more
That's what I do - what you ain't knowin?
I got/bought some O.G. kush and I'm still blowin

[Too $hort:]
Ain't nuthin changed I'm still blowin the purp
Ridin in my car, goin to work
My clothes are wreakin, but f*ck the smell!
You can say what you want nigga I cain't tell
I smoke half on the way, the other half later
Receptionist flirtin with me, I don't wanna date her
I just wanna hit, and sleep with the slut
We can smoke and f*ck but don't keep in touch
She got a sexy body, yeah she's a hottie
She's a nymphomaniac, nasty and naughty
I'm with'chu girl, if you say so
She gave me a massage and I gave her a facial


[Too $hort:]
I just spent 28 days in rehab
Weed and alcohol, I need it bad
Shit won't help - I've quit before
Didn't take too long for me to hit some more
I used to smoke Newports but I had to stop
I even used to smoke my weed with rocks
My square girlfriends said I need to stop
But I'm hooked on weed like it's hop, bitch!
And I don't need no poppy seed
No coca leaf, or no PCP
All I need is some good-ass weed
Keep the styrofoam cup, you can have that E

[Chorus: first half only]

[Too $hort:]
Don't be mad at me
Cause you a stupid motherf*cker you don't have to be
F*ck the peer pressure - what you ain't knowin?
You can do you Mr. Kush and keep blowin

Still blowin
Got that O.G. kush
Yeah man we ain't never gon' stop smokin
Roll another, roll that shit up
Nothin but the best baby, in California
Bay Area, nothin but pimp
All the way to East Oakland
Whassup Bay Area?
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