Too $hort - Porno Bitch Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Porno Bitch Lyrics
[Chorus: x4]
I need a porno bitch (be-beitch) a freaky porno bitch (beitch)

I f*cked a lot of strippers
Bring her 'round me motherf*cker I'll stick her
I'll f*ck your lil' sister
Then fly her out of town nigga what I don't miss her
(Beitch!) You ain't hard as me
I f*ck hookers, but they don't be chargin me
What about the tramps and sluts?
I f*cked a few, but I can't get enough
Of them educated, sophisticated
Got a good job and other bitches hate it
You know the kind of woman that's hard to get
Know just what to do with a hard dick
I even like 'em young
I keep 'em up all night I'm just havin fun
But I don't need strippers, rippers or a hoe
Right now I need a pro


I need a porn star
I got a big-ass dick, and I was born hard
I want some professional head
I'm tired of havin sex in the bed
Let's f*ck on the kitchen counter
And make a sex tape, yeah bitch I'm down~!
I'll f*ck you like Mr. Marcus
Get butt naked let's get this started
Drop that dress on the floor
Turn the camera on, and press record
I'm 'bout to make you a star
Boost that ass up on a stool at the bar
Are you willing and able
To ride this dick on a pool table?
Cause after that, it's shower sex
Can you handle another hour of this?


I'm talkin 'bout Tera Patrick
Sunny Leone, now that's a bad bitch
AnnMarie, and Puma Swede
I want all them bitches to do me
I'll take Jesse Jane, get her wet and gushy
Alia Love, she'll eat her pussy
Anne T was my favorite bitch
Vanessa Blue with them big lips
I can't forget, Jenna Haze
I want to bust a nut, in her face
I'm comin, but it might take a while
I gotta do a scene with Shyla Stylez
And after that, it's Nikki Benz
All I wanna do, is stick it in
Girladonna, and Charmane Star
I wanna f*ck Monique Alexander


Yeah that's right baby we still smoke big
We still do it big
Too $hort is still in this shit
Album in stores soon
And it don't stop
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