Too $hort - Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics Lyrics
It's almost ova ho
She ain't no ho
Check out somethin' on my computer real quick
P-I-M-P-A-N-D-H-O dot com
It's fo' sho

[Too $hort]
It's 2004
Ain't no body go in the stores
What for?
When you got dot com whores
My whole life is like girls gone wild
Cuz this player keeps girls on file
Just tell me what you liken
Sit down at the keyboard and type in:
P-I-M-P-A-N-D-H-O dot com
And see the hoes
It's time to log on baby
Eat this dick up 'til it's all gone baby
I ain't fake [I ain't fake]
This site is all no-fiction
Real pussy, real dick, real friction
Convertin' programs wit these secret powers
Accounts getting' fat from the overseas dialers
I'm trynna bust this internet nut
Turn the camera on and stick it in her butt

Me and D-Money keep smokin' that bomb
Need a little game, you better log on
Girls get naked
Lickin' on my dog bone
$hort Dog presents
Me and D-Money keep smokin' that bomb
Need a little game, you better log on
Girls get naked
Lickin' on my dog bone
Lick it

[Too $hort]
No need to go
Got some weed to blow
Got that Goodwill game to feed the po'
I got bitches
Don't ask what these are fo'
Might learn a few things that you need to know [chill out]
So kick back and watch the show
$hort Dig on the mic
Can't stop the flow [no, no]
All the squares get out the do'
If you ain't high enough yet
You need to pop some mo' [stay high]
And check out the player's site
The content is all that and a tear bite, yeah
You can download the pimp fashion
Old School Too $hort wit the pimp classics
One million hits in a days time [time]
Women so fine they'll daze your mind
We online [we online]
The computer from the eight track
Sellin' sex since way back


Big Dez is on the beat
Yea fo' show
It's where you see the baddest bitches
Doin' the freakiest shit
$hort Dog style
Wanna send a shout out to my homeboy Whitey Cracker
My pimp partner K.B. up in this mutha f*cka
And I wanna send a special shout out to the broadband users
I know you ain't wastin' no time to getting' to the porn
It's all good baby
You can dial up if you want to
As long as you enjoy the show
It's Pipmpology, biatch
Oh yeah, and it's all real baby
None of those silicone, blonde, Barbie bitches
Titties all crooked and shit
Naw, naw, none of that
You got a website player?
What's yo address?
You know?
It's that old game baby
It all started at the Player's Ball
Don't miss the next party
Cuz you might get lucky, biatch
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