Too $hort - Partytime Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Partytime Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Party time, it's party time. Without a doubt i'm coming back and I would do it again, you can take away my beat and touch
my pen. My name is short that's a fake because I rap so long other rappers hear pop I put funk in this song. Young tender on
the floor wiggle it all homeboy keeps telling her to give him a call. He's been on her since 10 and it's almost 2 walking
through the party with his dick on the roof. Tryin' to catch a little freak in the mini skirt she can dance real nasty all
the boys like her you can handle like a dog but you won't get game you'll only get dog fake number and name. She's a mother
to be and you better beleive you'll be looking at her mean next time you meet. Young tender won't care she's still fine here
you come again with your playboy line you don't stop.

[Verse 2:]
The party start jumping 5 hours ago the mix don't stop till it's way past 4. At 3 A.M. I hit the scene buck-toothed freaks
hit 3:15. Pull out with one ditch the other, I jumped in my ride and I burnt rubber. Party time, get busy. Too $hort.
She's the one, love those legs danced to rockers but it seems like days. Baby so fine I keep telling myself, I want the
young tender under my love spell. she could be all mine, nothing more or less life with a smile never, ever depressed. I
give her ever lasting love around the clock. Baby doll it's you and me so just rock.

[Verse 3:]
Breakdown. All you superficial rappers will cease to exist if I come into a party hittin' raps like this. Though I make you
feel weak when you want to be strong your soft so buddy as I statin' my song. According to the scriptures in the book of
rhymes, biting on a line is considered a crime unnitelligent? yes! never fresh! RUN DMC tattooed on ya chest. I'll tell ya
one time and one time only, you might be fresh if you were'nt so phoney. The ability to rap is a gift from god if you biting
where you writing and it won't be bought. At the spur of a moment I will bust a rap simutaniously jammin with the beat in
the back. Party time! get busy. Party time, party time so get busy.

[Verse 4:]
Shake it, bake it, make it, break it, work that body girl just don't fake it. I'm the kinda brotha for a girl like you I
can see in yo eyes that you know it's true. I'm the mack and I bike from the big oak town layin track by track that vicious
sound. All you sucka emcee's hatin my face even though there's not a rapper that could take my place. You better hunt, look,
or just get took, I know what you about see, I read you like a book. Desperate dreams are on your mind with a 10 foot mic
you could'nt touch my rhymes. I don't stop rappin' dont stop cappin' give me some time and you see what happens. Party time.
Get busy

[Verse 5:]
So fresh to the sound, I get down i'm so fresh from the oakland town.
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