Too $hort - Money Maker Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Money Maker Lyrics
Oh! [x3]
Oh! [x2]

[Too $hort:]
I love to see you dance, do it your way
Shake that ass, you know it's okay
I just wanna know, if you'll strip
Make a real player wanna give you a tip
You move so sexy, I love the way you wiggle
Your titties bounce around and your big booty jiggles
Make the video, it's official
Throw the stiff hoes out the game, blow the whistle
I only f*ck with money makers, the hustlers
Bitches who know how to get motherf*ckers
You tryin hard, you put everything into it
Cain't understand how these other hoes do it
You ain't got no name brand shit
Tryin to be fly but you ain't that bitch
You've gotta want it to get it
Give a trick some pussy tell him put somethin wit it

Get down on it good if you a shaker
I see you got him where you want him, get your cake up
Drop it down to the flo' and get your paper
Cause you a thoroughbred, youse a money maker
Now let me see you pop that pussy, girl shake that ass
Do a nasty dance, girl make that cash
Bend that ass ovah, and touch the flo'
He gotta tip if he want some mo' - tip that pussy!
Shake that ass girl

[Verse 2:]
Eyes get pussy hoe, shake that ass
You're like the 84 but rich, cause it's sittin on glass
Ain't nothin happenin but tricks gettin broke
F*cked a lot of politicians but she never go vote
The bitch got a lot of contacts
Every nigga that she f*ck got some kind of contract
R&B singers, ballplayers and rappers
Niggaz call back cause the bitch got a snapper
I'm tryin to get the bitch to chew
It's payday bitch, you done paid your dues
You're scrapin up your knees, climbin up the pole
Yeah you a hoe but you just ain't out on the stroll


[Rick Ross:]
I'm checkin these hoes, like checkin accounts
I'm checkin for checks, get checks and I bounce
I f*ck with the vets, lot of money to count
My hoes be stressed, put a gun in her mouth
Bitch bring it to me, see I need it all
I need another Benz, hoe f*ck 'em all
I f*cks with Chad, I f*cks with Todd
Bein trill niggaz baby this our f*ckin job
I can meet her today, be in love by tonight
You can bet by tomorrow, she'll be traffickin white
She wanna f*ck with me (Ross) for the rest of her life (Ross)
Cause when I f*ck her she tell me it's the best in her life
It's Ricky Ross (Ross) you know my steez (steez)
Still holdin ki's like your bitch holdin these (these)
I'm a Dade County Chevy rider
But I gotta Benz that's f*ckin up everybody


Shake that ass girl!
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