Too $hort - Married To The Game Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Married To The Game Lyrics
Bitch I'm married

[Chorus: x4]
I'm mar-ried, married to the game

[Too $hort]
I see that expression on your face is blank
Look like, you need a little extra space to thank
I'ma put somethin on yo' mind, no doubt
Let me take a long ride inside, yo' mouth
I don't care if the police, run my plates
I got a top notch with me, and one on the way
And we gon' do it all night 'til the sun come up
'Til they both quit and ask me if I done enough
But that's a never endin story how I dogged these hoes
Tryin to run game, bitch I heard it all befo'
It's just me and you baby, some wine and some weed
Now you wanna do the 69 with me
On a sex mission, to the next position
A lot of extra lickin, you know the definition
of a fantasy, can it be true?
Another rendezvous, just me and you
Bitch I'm married


[Too $hort]
Don't hide your face baby, stand in the light
F*ck this shit just hand me the mic
Some of y'all hoes don't be dancin right
You can't be a pro when it's amateur night
Curiosity, killed your cat
Kick back, and listen to a real one rap
I'm spittin this game, girl you feelin that?
Open them thighs, let me peel it back
Bitch, you so professional
Can't hold back, baby let it go
Why you wanna test a hoe
Send her to the track, let her flip your roll
She said, "Too $hort baby don't be that way
I've been lovin you ever since back in the day
Now you wanna break me and take my cash
Make me get naked, and shake my ass"
Bitch you got that right
You better do it all day and don't stop at night
Don't make me hurt yo' ass
You can gimme those gifts but I prefer cash
Ain't no stoppin that
I ride down the street with the top in the back
When I was young, I swore I'd never change
Cause I'm all about the money and I'm married to the game

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