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Make It Hot Lyrics
[P. Diddy]
Yo $hort man, I was with this trick the other night
She was like, "Hey Diddy - um, Diddy - why are you so motherf*ckin fly?"
I had to tell the bitch I'm just about that paper beotch

If it's 'bout that money (make it hot)
If it's about that bullshit (make it stop)
If you got that paper, we can roll
No time for haters, gotta go

[Too $hort (Diddy)]
I flew to L.A., just last week
Jumped in the limo, checked in the suite (yeah)
Made a few calls, it's time to go (time to go)
and bust a few rhymes at the studio (c'mon)
No I don't do it for the love of it
I love it but I do it for the love I get (that's right)
Big checks, you think the sex is next
When I left the studio had to go do a show
for the ten, with the triple zeroes (yeah)
That's why I'm never flippin kilos
Flew up to the Bay, then back to Georgia (yeah)
Had to catch a flight to Tallahassee, Florida (c'mon)
I did a show at the Kapalua (let's go)
$hort Dawg, what'chu 'bout to do now? (what'chu 'bout to do baby)
I'm gettin money, caught a flight to New York (c'mon)
Just another day in the life of Too $hort

[Chorus: singers (Diddy)]
If it's 'bout that money (make it hot)
If it's about that bullshit (make it stop)
If you got that paper, we can roll (we can roll)
No time for haters, gotta go (c'mon)
When it's 'bout that mo-ney (make it hot)
Gotta keep it comin (it can't stop)
Niggaz hate us all day long (we can roll)
Cause we get our paper on and oh-nnnnn (gotta go)

[P. Diddy]
Everything I do is a world premier (world premier)
I know you're not tryin to front girl c'mere (c'mere)
I get up early in the morning work late at night (that's right)
So when you talk about me you say it right
I get my pimp on, whenever I get on
Pop rock R&B or rap, it's a hit song (and you know this)
I keep it movin no matter what your age (yeah)
Bitches screamin out "Puff Daddy's on stage" (Puff Daddy's on stage!)
Breakin necks, cashin checks (uh-huh)
When I'm not makin money I'm havin sex
International, superstar (c'mon)
People wanna know just who you are
I'm that Lear jet ridin (yeah) mansion residin (yeah)
If I throw a party you'll be dancin all night and (that's right)
Let's have some fun girl, it's okay (c'mon, it's okay)
I work hard now it's time to play, come on

[Chorus: w/ variations and ad libs]

[Too $hort (Diddy)]
I did a lot of work for the homies for the lo-lo (yeah)
But I ain't doin that kind of shit no mo' (no mo')
Ask Puff, f*ck all that retirement stuff (f*ck all that shit)
I worked too hard so the price went up
I'm chargin fifty, for sixteen bars now (that's right)
If you want a whole song it's a hundred thou' (woo!)
Is it worth it? (Is it worth it?) I ain't no crook
A hundred thousand dollars might get you a hook (yeah)
From this nigga right here, I know you know
And you gotta pay extra for the video (extra)
So cut the check for the right amount (send the right amount)
If not, you can wire it to my account
The only other way is to pay me cash (yeah)
And ain't nothin wrong with that
Keep it fat, give me the scratch in big stacks (c'mon)
Cause you f*ckin with a real mack, bitch get back (that's right)
Back, bitch get back (bitch get back)
Back, I said BEOTCH! I said get yo' motherf*ckin ass back
(C'mon, you know you f*ckin with some real players here bitch)
That's right (step back)

[Chorus: w/ variations and ad libs]

[Too $hort (Diddy)]
(Money over hoes) That's right
So if you want me to do a guest appearance on your next album
Just remember one thang - it's gon' cost you man
Cause we gettin our money on
That's right, $hort Dawg in the house (yeah)
P. Diddy in the house (yeah, yeah)
$hort Records, Bad Boy (Bad Boy)
Yeah, that's right

[female singer x2]
Too $hort, Too $hort, gotta make that money
Two-thousand watts, two-thousand watts
Gotta make that money, Bad Boy, Bad Boy
Gotta cash that money; gotta make that money money
Gotta take, gotta make, gotta cash that money money

Yeah, and we out
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