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Too $hort Lyrics

Maggot Brain Lyrics
Short Short
I'm from The Town

[Too $hort:]
Ten years ago, you was havin thangs
Now you ain't nuttin but a maggot brain
Used to be on the block gettin at 'em mayne
Back in the days when you was slangin 'caine
Now you fresh out of jail, just comin home
Livin at your momma's house, nuttin goin on
Cain't hustle, and you cain't fit in
Hit the corner, but you ain't makin friends
Yo' life, just twist and turns
Out on parole, now he fin'sta learn
If you sleep too late you cain't get the worm
You cain't smoke weed cause ain't shit to burn
That's where you at, and ain't no way back
These lil' niggaz on the block stay strapped
F*ck that~! Convicted felon with a gat?
It's mandatory; you get caught you goin back

[Chorus: x2]
You gettin off doin nothin
Get your mind right ya, need to do somethin
Spend all day smokin blunts
You maggot brain, get yo' mind right and so somethin

[Silk E:]
You barely pay your rent; spend all day on the phone
You're always lyin, yo' excuses be irrelevant
You let 'em hit and use yo' food stamps to feed his friends
Always yellin, always beggin somebody to babysit
Hell, you're always in barely everything
Always causin problems, always with it, barely know his name
Youse a trainwreck, think we can't see through that?
Get ya mind right, youse a burnt out turfin rat
You barely in your house, it always smell like piss
You only scrapin when company comes over
Then you jumpin in the shower, snitchin and ya gossipin
Ain't nobody like you, so you wonder why she not ya friend
Silk, it's Silk E not cotton blend
Authentic not rented official game spitter
Fight over yo' baby daddy [?] f*ck with her
Always talkin shit, always on my nerves, youse a maggot brain
Maggot brain


[Too $hort:]
I know you doin bad, but don't stalk her
Your girl upgraded now she's f*ckin a baller
She don't wanna be with'chu - why would she?
Video games, blunts and pussy?
That's all you want, cause you have no goals
Stayin at your momma's house, is so old
You need to reinvent yo'self right now
You need a makeover, a new lifestyle
Some new clothes, a new place to live
Go get yo' baby momma and take yo' kids
Stop doin crime, and stay out of court
Cause you know you ain't never paid child support
And if you get a job, they take it out yo' check
Can't get a driver's license, now you really 'bout to quit
Ten years ago, you was havin thangs
And now you ain't nuttin but a maggot brain - BITCH!


You in the mix baby
With'cha boy Too $hort
I'm still blowin
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