Too $hort - Keep F*ckin Me Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Keep F*ckin Me Lyrics
Yeah bitch you know how real players do this shit, beitch!

[Too $hort]
Man look at her, baby look good
The way she dancin, maybe I should
step up to her, and run this game
I wanna F*CK - I don't wanna know her name
I play the role though, act like I'm interested
By the end of the night, she done been molested
And she loves it, that's how I do it
You tried to get with her too but you blew it
I told her I ain't had no woman, I got three
And you ain't leavin this club without me
cause I'll be - your breakfast in the mornin
See the sun rise while you're nake and you're moanin
And when I get up, talkin like a pimp
That's when reality, starts to sink in
You want me to f*ck yo' pussy 'til it hurts
And I wanna put yo' fine ass to work, bitch

Bitches always tellin me
you're a player (a real player)
I don't care about these other hoes
Just keep f*ckin me (keep it up in you, way up)

[Too $hort]
I can look in yo' eyes and see I got you
You so fine girl I had to knock you
We left the bar, we in the car
I'm treatin this bitch like a movie star
It's all game, I just wanna hit it quick
Try to turn a bitch out so I can hit a lick
And it's a trip, she's such a good bitch
Mama told you bout niggaz that look slick
You knew about the hoes when you met me
I'll add you to my stable if you let me
So you can get me, what I need so quickly
I want G's bitch, about a hundred fifty
All these hoes, know my style
I'll put you to work but don't go too wild
Cause we'll get this cash, just take our time
Choose or leave, you better make up yo' mind

Bitches always tellin me (what dem hoes say?)
you're a player (that's right, I'm a f*ckin player bitch)
I don't care about these other hoes (na nah)
Just keep f*ckin me

[Too $hort]
You said put it all up in you, keep on f*ckin you
Knew what time it was and I knew just what to do
Bitch I get at you, have you stuck like a statue
Use nothin but words and I have you
I give a f*ck if you think I'm too rich
I ain't gon' cash you out like these new tricks
She wanna eat, drink and f*ck good
That won't make you get my cash, but what would?
If I turned you on to this player life
Quit f*ckin rich niggaz tryin to be a wife
I can show you how to put this game to work
Don't do it, unless you put some change in yo' purse
Bitch you know whassup wit me
I'm from the O, I roll in luxury
I mack broads, and smoke big buds of weed
Can't be a ho when you always f*ck for free, beitch!

Bitches always tellin me (tellin you what?)
you're a player (.. that ain't no lie)
I don't care about these other hoes
Just keep f*ckin me (just keep gettin that cash girl)

Bitches always tellin me.. you're a player
I don't care about these other hoes; just keep f*ckin me
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