Too $hort - I Want That Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

I Want That Lyrics
It's nothin baby
You can have that shit
If that's what you want
All you gotta do is put your hustle down girl
Choose on some real pimpin you know?
You can have that shit if you want it baby
It's nothin

If you want it, then it's yours
Straight to the top with pimpin $hort
Cause I'm so cold when I'm on these whores
If I kick her in the ass then it's gon' be sore
But if she listens, we get paid
I get the money, and she gets laid
Punk bitches talkin 'bout ain't no way
But we look good bitch, every day
And you keep talkin 'bout life is hard
Never had money or a fly ass car
On the low, she's a three-oh-fo'
Waitin on tables but she should be a hoe
Cause every night she f*cks big ballers for free
If she tryin to come up, she should be callin me
Make some money, dip to the mall with me
And buy some new shit so they all can see

You can have that, if you want that
If you want that, you can have that
You can have that, if you want that
If you want that, you can have that
Do you want it baby? Do you want it baby?
(I want that, I want that)
You gotta make, that, cash, that's it
Anything you want you can have that shit - bitch!

It's no fun when you're broke and lonely
You cain't even smoke no weed
You cain't go out to eat
You havin dinner at the house - without me
I cain't kick it like that
Where the steak and the chicken at?
Ain't nuttin worse than a broke-ass bitch
You ain't nuttin but a joke, that's it
If you wanna be bigger, and have more
You've gotta choose on a nigga like $hort
You gotta get out that car, and jump in mine
He said "I don't do no pimpin" that punk is lyin!
I'm a send you to the front of the line
If you gimme somethin cool and you wanna be mine
Square bitches write checks and charge it
But I only take cash and all you get is hard dick


Get your money
You in the mix with Too $hort
We're still blowin
Still smokin that good shit
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