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Too $hort Lyrics

I Wanna Do It Lyrics
[Chorus: Too $hort]
I wanna do it [x4]

[Too $hort]
She wanna do it like that, I love the way she do me
with that pretty-ass face and that big fat booty
Got me horny, I wanna have sex wit'chu
and do all them things, we never ever get to do
We already talked about it, you said you wit it
Get butt-naked in the bed and let me hit it
Last time I saw you, you was quick with the jag
Wanna hit it from the back, let them big titties sag
Bitch hella thick, lotta junk in her trunk
When you start don't stop cause I just wanna cum
and then f*ck you again, bust a nut on your chin
Get my dick back hard and run up in your friend
We can all get together on the late night
A whole lotta f*ckin and suckin, 'til it's daylight
I'm $hort Dawg, you better hand me that cat
You so sexy when you up there dancin like that


[Too $hort]
Did you think I wouldn't be in here spankin that cat
Tryin to put her motherf*ckin ankles on her neck
I made her lick it, suck it, swallow it, she asked me
how it get so damn hard again, I'm nasty
But I'm not a freak
I just say a lot of rhymes to a lot of beats
It comes easily, I'm a pimp in these streets
I'ma keep makin money in this industry
So when she bends her knees, I'll be standin up
Gettin head for 30 minutes, bitch can I f*ck?
I know I came in your mouth I can't trust you slut
That's why I'm 'bout to raise up, when I bust a nut
Wipe your face with a napkin from KFC
I give a f*ck what happened, bitch c'est la vie
I'm out! What'chu complainin about?
You should be happy, I left some DNA in your mouth

[Girl] You wanna do what muh'f*cker, you wanna f*ck?
I wanna do it
[Girl] Shit it ain't free
I cain't lie
[Girl] If you got that money you can get in this real quick
I wanna do it
[Girl] But I don't f*ck with broke-ass niggaz
So what'chu wanna do?
[Girl] What'chu tryin to do?
I wanna do it
[Girl] Motherf*cker you cain't get in this shit!
That ain't fly... I wanna do it
[Girl] Nigga you better have yo' cash first, ass last

[Too $hort]
Hell nah bitch you can't get over on me
I'm always sharp, I'm even sober when I drink
You runnin game on me, I gotta go
Bitch slick talkers might talk you out of your shit
But not mine, I keep ridin clean
I don't need you BITCH you need a lot of things
All I need is mo' money, and some choosin hoes
What I look like buyin bitches new shoes and clothes
Everythang on a bitch that's how it used to go
Back when them old school niggaz rode trues and vogues
I'll be talkin this pimp shit daily
Bitch you can't play me, what'chu do for me lately?
I know what it is, don't wanna hear about sex
It's two different things with a player and a trick
She can hold out her hand... and I won't pay her shit
I just say bee-itch!


[Too $hort talking over Chorus]
$hort Dawg in the house
You listenin to, Pimpin' Incorporated, the mixtape
No it's not the new album, this is not the new album
Up All Nite album #16 comin soon

[Too $hort]
Yeah this $hort Dawg
Spittin that game baby
Album #16 on the way
Up All Nite, in stores soon baby
No doubt, ain't nobody got more rhymes than Too $hort
Ain't no rappers with mo' songs than $hort Dawg
That nigga's been doin this shit forever!
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