Too $hort - I'm Gone Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

I'm Gone Lyrics
This ain't nuttin new
I've been doin this shit bitch
I've been in the same frame of mind since I was 9

[Too $hort:]
You already know, I'm crazy bitch
I put my foot in the ass of a lazy bitch
F*ck with me you better make somethin
Cause I'll never see a hoe and don't take nothin
I was raised to break 'em
You got a purse full of hundreds? I'm a take 'em
Square bitches always fall in love
I call 'em bitch hoe tramp slut all the above
And when I turn 'em out, and send 'em to work
It feels good, knowin I'm pimpin 'em first
I wear a mack hat, real fly with a tilt
When I was 7, girls used to buy me milk
In middle school, I used to get it fool
Lunch money, and they let me hit it too
Cause all I ever wanted was a Cadillac
And some hoes that'll call me Daddy Mack

[Chorus: x8]
Bitch I'm gone! (Is you gone?)
Bitch I've been gone! (Is you gone?)

[Too $hort:]
I never had only one girl
If I wanted I could have any woman in the world
You cain't save me from the game
I'm in it for the money, f*ck the game
But everybody seems to know my name
And these hoes, know I ain't playin
Bitch I'm gone, and I ain't never comin back
Yeah I'm both - I'm a player and a mack
You ain't stupid! You know the business
You under new management and gotta go get it
Next time I see you have a stack of Ben Franks
Give it all to me, and tell a pimp thanks
Stuff it in the matress, we don't put it in the bank
Hundred thousand dollar car, puttin gas in the tank
Use my phone, tell your man you chose
F*ck all that old shit and get some brand new clothes


[Too $hort:]
You wanna go with me straight to the top?
You gotta check yes or no in the box
I was tellin hoes that shit in '76
All them dreams I used to have I knew I'd better get rich
I wanted all the bad bitches, and all the cars
Drop my top at night and see all the stars
I used to walk down the street daydreamin
And now it came true, these bitches stay creamin
And I still don't give no bitches no slack
Get involved with me, fo' sho' bitch you know that
I don't hold back, I put it out there
Do everything I say and don't doubt a player
Cause if you do - I ain't f*ckin with'chu
I'm through, I don't want nuttin from you
Just listen to the song
While I put the pedal to the metal, bitch I'm gone

Too $hort mixtape
Still blowin baby
Album comin soon
You know you want that shit
I know you want it bitch!
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