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Too $hort Lyrics

I Luv Lyrics
I love (I love)
I love it (I love it baby)
Love this (I love it, love it)
Love, ooooohh!
Love this (I love it girl)
Love (Oh you really want it girl?)
Love (I love this shit)
Love this (Be-atch!!)

[Daz Dillinger]
She was a betty I done knew back in the day
Little scary lil' bitch from around the way
Plus she sucked and f*cked all day
With a little bit of Alize (Alize..Alize..)

I put it down for these young hoes,
get the pussy like I'm married
And send her home with the cock swoll, did her pops know?
Little girl that he tryna protect was in the crib doin porno

[Too $hort]
Fo' sho' baby, I know these hoes
Step up too 'em and show these hoes
I never wonder to myself "Would she?"
I get deep in her mind and her pussy

[Trick Daddy]
Who dat? She was the world's greatest, dick sucker
Play the note with the tongue while, finger f*ck her
I hit it in the back of the donk, in the back of the Benz
Got my dick in her ass, front of one of her friends

Face down, ass up - bitch be still whikle I bust this nut
I rock hard while I'm in these guts
Wipe my dick and then that's enough

She wanna kiss me after she done lick me
Slap the drunk, you know the ho got Tinesi

[Too $hort]
Daz, this punk bitch wanna get with me
Cuz the ho lookin for a P-I-M-P

[Trick Daddy]
You know the ho don't know no better
I would rough ride ya ass, but the magnum's better
I know a lot of niggas done paid ya bitch
Remember one thing, I got a major bitch

[Too $hort]
Pull up on the stroll, in the fo' door Caddy
Slapped the bitch, she hollered "No, no daddy!"
I got the cash, if she don't that's her ass
So quick, so fast

[Chorus: Too $hort (female)]
I love gettin my head blown
I love gettin my nuts rubbed
I love gettin my dick licked
I love gettin my nuts sucked
(I love gettin my pussy ate
I love when niggas see me masterbate
I love it when you nut all in my face
I love it baby, but I can't stand the taste)

[Too $hort]
I once knew a bitch named Erica
Way back in the day, she had a geri curl
I made her suck my dick on the ferris wheel
Been pimpin all my life, big player for real

I said "Come on girl, you know how it's 'sposed to be"
It's makin me nut, but feel our fantasy
Come on come on baby, won't you get the best of me

[Trick Daddy]
Get T double D on the double stack
And one dose of the dick, she be doublin back
See me, I've been known to shit on hoes
Cuff her cold, straight spit on hoes

I been known to step on a bitch
Put a thumb in your ass, while I slap your clit
But ain't no way that I'ma lick yo' shit
Tell 'em what she is Short Dog (Be-itch!)

[Chorus x2]

[Trick Daddy]
I love, gettin my thug on
On dirty joints, in the school zone
Everything I cop, I put dubs on
I love this..

[Too $hort]
When I'm at the club
See a girl get freaky and I slap her butt
She try to say "Short Dog, that's enough"
You know I love it little mam, can't pass it up
Cuz I..

[Chorus: to fade]
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