Too $hort - Hard On A Bitch Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Hard On A Bitch Lyrics
"Something like this"
[x2] "Pimpin ain't.. pimpin ain't dead.."
[background scratch: "Hard on a bitch"]

[Too $hort]
I'm so hard on a bitch nigga
I mean it's nothin though, you know I'm from the town
Everythang on a bitch
That's how we do it
{"I'm hard on a bitch, go ask my first ho"}

I'm not nice to these hoes, most of the time
I say what the f*ck, is on my mind
I grab my pen, and write a rhyme
And say somethin 'bout a bitch on every line
She just gave me 800, a G last night
She could pay me for years and couldn't be my wife
Everybody talkin 'bout, how these pimps be funny
A bitch couldn't lock me down with Whitney's money
Some niggaz get paid but they're not the boss
Cain't even show off, stop and floss
... without askin permission
Why you bitch-ass niggaz always askin yo' bitch
if you can do thangs, what'chu wanna do mayne?
You wanna help your girl step up her shoe game?
Take her shoppin, just to get it poppin
You weak for the pussy and you know you need to stop it

[Chorus: Too $hort]
Hard on a bitch, I'm hard on a bitch
I'm hard on a bitch so hard on a bitch
Hard on a bitch, I'm hard on a bitch
I'm hard on a bitch I'm so hard on a beee-itch!

[Too $hort]
But you ain't though, and you cain't flow
She's a pro, but you ain't know
You so soft, you ain't pimpin these hoes
You take 'em to the mall and buy expensive clothes
And let her drive your car, so you can say you're f*ckin
She disrespects you and don't pay you nothin
But that's you - cause if it was me
She'll be comin to the table with a meal to eat
And I stay hungry, I like hoes that make money
You got a pussy, and they want it
So give it to 'em and collect the fee
Buy some mo' shoes and give the rest to me
Cinderella and her glass slipper
They say, a lot of f*ckin makes yo' ass bigger
I say, keep f*ckin make my ass richer
While yo' booty and my pockets get thicker

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