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Too $hort Lyrics

From Here To New York Lyrics
How many rhymes does it take to reach from here to New York

From here to New York
Everybody's talking about sir Too $hort
And its all night good cuz some talk back
Sucker emcees wanna make me mad
But I don't stop rapping and they don't seem
To really understand just what I mean
You a sucker emcee and wash the hall
Sucker emcees don't stand too tall
I could spit you a rap then pull near
I'm so fresh everyday of the year
I could spit my rap straight to you
Sucker emcee and your whole crew
Everytime you said I was what you wanted
You never even knew you soon be fronted
By an emcee rappers like me
And giving no slack to your sucker emcees
In your fak the one I might slap
Same dang taste I was laughing at
Cuz sucker emcees don't know the tip
And your going to pay for everything you dip
Tieing to front Too $hort you need to quit
Rappers like me won't even trip
So if don't recognize fronting your gear
If it's you against short you will never win
Cuz I'll stand here and won't stop rhyming
Until I see you don't stop thing
Or I won't stop that's what you heard
Cuz you keep listening to my word
Everyword I say comes loud and clear
Out of my mouth straight to your ear
And I just don't stop once I start
I take a sucker emcee and just tear them apart
Like this

With a rap like this I be hard on the mic
Spitting my rap to you all dang night
Just give me a break before you get broke
You to to be saved by Jon the Pope
Cuz sucker emcees don't be the might
Cuz you all want to se short rock the mic
And when you find out that I don't quit
I'm rapping to the beat like superslick
Talking about your sucker what do you want
You want to take a chance why do you front
Too $hort baby here I stand
From here to New York been known to jam
Not one of those suckers that play rap songs
Making those words to sing along
I'm fresh yea fresh as that
So dang fresh I know the deal
I'm from Oakland, California the big O-town
Too $hort Too $hort I'm still down
I put my whips down fresh I don't play
From here to New York emcees will say
I'm the s.h.o.r.t. spitting my rap to you sucker emcee
Cuz like I said its time to pay
Everything you said and everything you say
Too hard you need to quit
Rappers like me won't even trip
See I knew you didn't knew what you stepped into
When you front on a rapper like hayby too
Everytime I rhyme people love my rap
Its sucker emcee can't deal with that
Just faker than fake you want me to be
Just like you but soon you'll see
Too $hort

I'm in every drop I ride oh no I don't
And losing to a sucker you know I won't
Why you keep on front you so sleek
All your homeboys rapping you against me
Now your homeboys standing there looking laughing
Cuz you went against short and broke you in half
Like that I didn't give you a break
I put you on the mic now they know you a fake
Then I got on the mic look at me now
Too $hort baby from the Oakland town
Hard to leave but keep on there
I proving to a sucker that short can ride
And I know he knows Too $hort can
Cuz the boy ain't nothing but one of my fans
Wanna be like me so dang back
Your principal dreams all your emcee hack
If you really don't know who's the best
Too $hort baby from the wild wild west
All the way from here to New York
Everbody's talking about sir Too $hort
The way I rap like a homerun hitter
Knocking out suckers cuz I'm so much better
At rapping so what could it be
Give me a mic and a beat and you'll soon see
I'm to cool sir Too $hort
Turing everything out from here to New York
Remember my name and I be out
On the mic all night just spitting my rap
True hoo thing never been down
I'm so fresh I could never be clowned
Its just like that until the end of time
So you better wake up on the West coast rhyme
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