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Too $hort Lyrics

Everytime Lyrics
From the day we met up until we met right now
If I wanted that girl I always knew how
To fight her get her and tear her apart
Getting everything I wanted all I want
Everytime I see her its time to toss
I walking in the door taking everything off
Cuz I know I'll get it call her in a minute
Short oh boy and I'm a tone cold playa

She was mine and more but more came more
She was giving that funk to the homeboy short
Wanting money but maybe it was just the fact
The life I live made me the man of the rap
Everytime I see her you know I take her
Straight to her house then I braker
If I don't see break she'll give me a call
Same ol' freak show having a ball


She's a tender a star and Angel in white
My wildest dream on a saturday night
My freak of the week but girl of the day
If I like it like that it will be that way
Now everytime I see her she be doing it slow
Like ninty on shorty in a big time room
She's the one I can't resist
Everytime I see her I tell her like this


She be coming around the mountain around ten till eight
Hook me up on a late night date
I be right there homie opening the door
Singing baby oh baby are you ready for more
Everytime I see her you know what I mean
Had her in the back doing sexual things
Same ol' freak show all them moves
Call me short homeboy and I just can't loose

Tone cold freak dressed in lace
The hottest young tender in the whole dang place
Hottie so hot I keep telling myself
I want the young tender if you read this
At lyrics dot astraweb dot com that means
This was bitten didn't waste one second
To take a chance
I walked up to her and asked to dance
Baby said yes we hit the spot
My rap came hard and the freak got hot
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