Too $hort - Double Header Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Double Header Lyrics
Double [x4]

Girl why are you bothering me?
I've already tried the monogamy
I've been starting dating young college freaks
But don't try start deal... with me.

But let get naked
Let's f*ck some more
Bitch you can be the hoe supposed
For me, that's my suicide
If I ever get laid I want surprise.

Hey girl go and grab a friend for me
One plus one could equal three
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Hey girl you and her, and her and me
Head is full of fantasies
Do it, do it, over here.
One is fine, but two is better
Double, double, double header
One is fun, but teo ins better
Double, double, double header

Your wife is...
Stay over the night she may
Issue a worry
Straight A-PD
Neglect on the house
She came stay with me
Must she got...
Cause she's got now
Last thing did she was looked in
Don't come to my house cause it's different here
Go back home and be cliff and clear
I never would marry no witness thing
I wants twins, look like Britt...
Pretty faces can make more money
You can have her. Give me two playboy bunnies
I tell my wife to come to me
I know you're not having more fun than me
You and love make a pop of question
If you are clear don't stop the session


Double header [repeat]

One is fine, but two is better
Now get ready nigga let's f*ck some more

Some more [repeat]
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