Too $hort - Choosin' Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Choosin' Lyrics
[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen (Whoa)
I'd like to introduce y'all
To somebody you already know
A Mac, A Man
$hort Dizzle

Short enough to get chose tonight
Ridin' my leather and wood, hey
Hit the door I feel dynamite
And all the fly girls lookin' so good, choosin'
You choosin' aint he (Go ahead daddy)
You choosin' aint he (Go ahead daddy)
You choosin' aint he (Go ahead daddy)
You choosin' aint he (Go ahead daddy)

[Too $hort]
I'm slammin' Cadillac doors
White drop top wit the brand new vogues
Laced rolex still spittin' the flows
How can I retire still pimpin' the hoes
Suited from my head to my toes
Player got some money
You can tell by the clothes
Why they call me Too $hort
No one knows
Cuz when I pull it grows, and it grows, and it grows (Ooh Wee)
I told her "Get in the car"
Passed her the dro
She was hittin' it hard
But don't jump in my car trynna check out the ride
If you don't need a little sex in yo life


[Too $hort]
I left and came back in the Benz
"Who's that nigga?" she was askin' her friends
They didn't answer so she asked again
"It's Too $hort baby that mackin' ass pimp"
I came wit my girl but I still don't care
Light skin sexy wit some real long hair
I like 'em wit the big 'ol butts
Say "what's up" and then dig in her guts (What's up ho?)
She shook my hand
Slipped me her number
But I don't have to sneak
Just keep things on the under
It's all out and clear when I'm doin' my thang
And I'm always true to the game


[Jagged Edge]
All eyes on me
Soon as I stepped in the club (sippin')
Got a bottle, lots of models standin' on stuck
Pocket full of money and stuff
That's the way we do it when you off in the club wit me
$hort and J.E. P-I-M-P
Two of the baddest in the history
You mad cuz we straight to the V.I.P
Plus yo girl keeps choosin' me
I might not be number one but I'm a definite stunna
You might catch me in the club on a come up
And don't hate me when you see them hoes run up
Cuz we be ridin' wit the toast no butter
I'm just trynna cut all the little cut up
All these broads just straight up choosin'
$hort and twin can't be no loosin'
A couple back shots
Girl I'm cruisin' somethin' yeah

[Chorus: til end]

[Jazze Pha: talking]
This is a Jazze Phizzle producshizzle, uh huh
$hort Dizzle, huh-huh
$hort Denzel
Cuz we bout to drive the hoes crazy on this one (Crazy Daddy) whoo!
Pull a big Cybil Shepherd type (oooh wee)
Ya smell me, oh boy
We gon' take this to Hollow Denzel
Thissle (Oh Boy)
Look at them twins
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