Too $hort - Chase The Cat Lyrics

Too $hort Lyrics

Chase The Cat Lyrics
[Too $hort]

I'm a junkie, lookin through my book
I can't be cured, I know I'm hooked
I gotta get out the house, I'm so hard
Chasin that cat all over the yard
But why, do I chase the cat?
Been at it so long since way back
Why would I wanna be a player for life?
Spittin this game every day and night
I'm talkin, body language, facial expressions
F*ck a flight attendant on a layover session
She's servin my dick
Fallin in love, but she ain't my bitch
Why do I need to be in between her
since the first time I seen her?
Hit it from behind, now she wanna be mine
I'm all up in her feline

[Chorus: Dolla Will]
Why must I, chase the cat?
She got ghetto ways, plus she pays, give me my money
Why must I, chase the cat?
You see ain't nothin changed, but the game, pimpin ain't easy

[Dolla Will]
Uh, bein settled down, just ain't for me
Hold hands, walkin down the aisle, bout to get married
I thought that once, will never think it again
Cause I'm a player in the game and I'm playin to win
It's too many fine hoes to be stuck with one
Too many wet pussies just to be f*ckin one, shit
It's like a disease, like JT in "Five Heartbeats"
It's impossible for me to be with one freak
You can't live with me, you can't live without 'em
I never would trust a bitch and I don't doubt 'em
Cause I'm a dog that love to chase the cat
If you a fine bitch, I might put my face in that
If you do me first, then I'll do you
And the game jumps off when the bitch is through
Hoes nowadays be as bad as us
They love to suck f*ck and bust fat ass nuts


[Too $hort]
Ever since I was a youngster, new to the game
I was goin to the mall, baby what's your name
and your number - I never been under
Always been a outright player no wonder
I been through so many hoes in the last 20 years
Bitch gettin f*cked, bring her ass up in here
I keep two or three hoes on deck
Too $hort baby don't take no shit
I'm a pussy junkie, and bitches always want me
But my first love is money
And I'll forever be faithful to her
I won't give her to a bitch just to do her
And play with her kitty
Got some nigga's name tattooed on her titty
I see a gat and jump the fence
My name is $hort Dog and I'm a pimp, bitch

[Chorus: Dolla Will]
Why must I, chase the cat?
Cause you know.. she's a ho..
Why must I, chase the cat?
Whaddya know.. she gives me dough..
Why must I, chase the cat?
She got ghetto ways, plus she pays, give me my money
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